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Gather Images to Drag and Drop — iOS11

Gather Images to Drag and Drop — iOS11

Drag and drop allows photos to be moved from the Camera Roll to any of your own albums (in the My Albums section) or between your own albums.

Once you’ve found the first photo you want to move, long-press (or press and hold) on it to highlight it.

Drag the highlighted icon slightly away from the main thumbnail underneath it (Image 1). Once you’ve highlighted one image and dragged it slightly away from its main thumbnail image, tap on the next image you want to select while continuing to hold the first (Image 2). Tap a third image and it too will be added to your selection.

Replace App – Split View iOS

Replace an App using Split View in iOS

With Two Apps in Split View drag up to display the Dock. Tap and drag an app from the Dock and move it over the app you want to replace.




(Tap/Click to enlarge the image and run the animation. Use your browser back button to return here).


The Photos app is on the left and Files app on the right.

To replace Files with the Tips app tap and drag Tips onto the right-hand side of the screen.




AUSOM Monthly Raffle

Join in the fun and take part in AUSOM’s monthly Raffle.

Even if you are not able to attend our meetings on Saturday you can visit here.

It is possible to purchase one or more tickets that will be included in our next 11 raffle draws on your behalf.

Raffle prizes are advised approximately three weeks before each Saturday meeting on the relevant Events page

Can I Disable the Caps Lock Key on my Mac?

If you find the Caps Lock key a nuisance, you can disable it under System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard.

Use the Modifier Keys… button.

Select No Action from the drop-down menu next to Caps Lock Key and you’re done!

From that drop-down menu, you’ll see that instead of disabling the key, you can force it to double up as the Control, Option, Command, or the Escape key.

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My Mouse/Trackpad Scrolls in the Wrong Direction!

What Apple calls the “natural” scroll direction (moving your finger in the direction you want to move the window contents) may feel unnatural if you have been using an older Mac or another type of computer.

You don’t have to keep it this way.

Visit System Preferences > Trackpad > Scroll & Zoom and uncheck the box next to Scroll Direction: Natural.

(If you use a mouse visit System Preferences > Mouse > Point & Click and uncheck the box next to Scroll Direction: Natural.)

Use Markup within Mail

If you are about to send a photo or image using Mail you may notice that it would be more useful if part of it was emphasised in some way?
There is no need to go back to Photos (iOS) or Preview (Mac).
You can select Markup (top right of the image) and added a circle or arrow without leaving Mail.



In the sample image I noticed the tree had no decorations
so I selected Markup and then added a star
with yellow fill and yellow outline using Markup.





To duplicate a selected star
hold down the option key and drag the star.
Recolour any of the stars and the image is ready to send.

More details of this tip can be found in AUSOM News December 2017 HERE