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New Video Available

Online Security Videos from AUSOM presentation by Michael McKinnon are available here.
Thanks to the efforts of Chris MacQuillen (Filming), Ivan Radywonik (Post Production) and Doug Rutter (Webmaster) there are 3 videos available:

  • Ransomware,
  • Passwords, and
  • Social Media.

Some comments from members who have seen these Videos and taken the time to record their thoughts on FirstClass include:
“I thought I knew most of the traps. No. After watching these 3 videos I feel a lot more informed. Especially the cunning ways one can be fooled by innocent things on the internet such as puzzles which ask you a heap of really tough questions, and then flatter you by telling you you’re pretty clever. The 3 videos are short and easy to follow. As a person who doesn’t attend meetings, I found the videos well worth watching.”
“It has become difficult for me to attend meetings, so I do hope it will be possible to record presentations in future. Very much appreciated.”

Thanks also go to Judy Young for providing written notes from the presentation. These are available in AUSOM News, August 2017.

Well worth using your AUSOM Member login to access these videos. While you are logged in please leave a comment in AUSOM Forum. Feedback encourages members to keep making the videos, writing reports and continuing to add valuable services for members.

AUSOM News Contents

This list allows searching titles of AUSOM News articles using Mac, iPad, iPhone etc. from your web browser.
A complete Index of all editions of AUSOM News is available here. The complete index needs to be downloaded and installed on a Mac.
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The latest editions of AUSOM News are shown here as Author: Article Title.

August 2017: Download PDF here

Chris McQuillen: Additional News about Security
Bill Ellemor: The File Resolution See-Saw
Bill Oldham: The Rabbit Burrow: Improve the Composition of your Photos
Dick Johnson: The New Mail Merge
Isabel Collins: The Upgrade — Part 1
Ivan Radywonik: Cozzak’s Tip #117: iOS eMail Signature
Cozzak’s Corner #13: eBay
Judy Young: Notes from July Main Presentation: Security
Dear Scammers
Julie Ackland: App Tap
iOS 11 and Passcodes
Keith Bishop: Photo Ops available for August
Photo Ops from August 2016
Pam Doughty: Spotlight and Folders
Pages and Mail using an iPad
AUSOM News Index
Live Photo – Many Questions answered
Possible Article for AUSOM News: Podcasts
Add an Image to Folders – Photos on your Mac
Suspect Links within Safari or eMails
Help, Please: Missing App Store Icon

July 2017: Download PDF here

Bill Oldham: The Rabbit Burrow: Distressed FX for iPad/iPhone
Brad Smith: Rechargers and Batteries
Dick Johnson: Apple Pay
Isabel Collins: Finding Stuff — in Apple Mail
Ivan Radywonik: Cozzak’s Tip #116: Move a window without making it active
Judy Young: June Main Presentation Notes: NBN
Julie Ackland: Handoff (aka Continuity)
Night Shift
App Tap: Notability, Bristol Stool chart etc
Keith Bishop: Photo Ops available for July
Neville Owen: Photos – Date & Time Fix
Pam Doughty: Safari and the Flash Plug-in
Changing Case using Pages
Early Details about ASCCA Competitions: 2017
Use the Magnifying Glass within Preview on your Mac
No TAB key on my iPad
An Assortment of Tips: Currency conversions and Calculator
Sharing URLs to Notes
WWDC: Through the Eyes of a Developer
Use the first letter…
Back-up Stickies
Reading AUSOM News in Preview on a Mac
Large Phone Numbers in Contacts on Mac
Help adding Emoji to Email and using BCC

June 2017: Download PDF here

Bill Oldham: The Rabbit Burrow: Introduction to Lightroom
Brad Smith: There’s Nothing to Worry About…Using windows
Apple AirPods — ‘Hear, AND HOW!’
Dick Johnson: Digitising Slides
Ivan Radywonik
: Cozzak’s Tip #115: Delete forward
Julie Ackland: App Tap: Vanido, NYT Cooking, DashCam, LaPSE IT, Gekko pod
iPad Coach May 17: Handoff, Location services, iCloud Photos
Keith Bishop: Photo Ops available for June
Peter Hunter: AUSOM Index 2017
Pam Doughty:
Take Control of Calendars and Reminders (Review)
Using Passwords stored within Safari
Safari Tips with iOS10
Australian Flag in Menu Bar – Mac
Duplicate Photos on iPhone and iPad
Folders within Folders using Notes (Mac)
I suddenly cannot add information to my Numbers Table
Definition and/or synonym
Quick Type or Predictive Text iOS
Replace Font(s) in Keynote (Mac)
Help Please: Rotate Videos, Picture Book in Keynote
Randy B. Singer via Apple User Group:Low-end Database Solutions for Mac

May 2017: Download PDF here

Bill Oldham: The Rabbit Burrow: Getting started with Lightroom
Brad Smith: AppCleaner – Indispensable!
Isabel Collins: Just Catching Up with TJ
Ivan Radywonik: Cozzak’s Tip #113: Search in iOS
Jason Scott: Please Help Us Track Down Apple II Collections
Judy Young: Notes from April Main Presentation: AUSOM at Sea – Bill Ellemor
Keith Bishop: Photo Ops available for May and June
Neil Cameron: Let’s Create a SlideShow
Nicholas Pyers: Hunting for old software
Dick Johnson: The iPhone Chronicles – 46: The Lock Screen
Pam Doughty: Set up your iPhone or iPad
A Useful URL to report unwanted emails
Quick Tips and Items of Interest including invisible characters in Pages, Why Backup; Clips – a new app, close other tabs in Safari
Save a Video on iPad or iPhone
Searching for Colour in Safari
Peter Emery: Should I update past iOS 10.3?
Peter Hunter: AUSOM Index 2017
Julie Ackland: App Tap: Lark, Downcast, Airbnb, WeDo
AGM Documents

New wave of technical support scams

StaySmartOnline have received reports of a new wave of technical support scams impersonating Telstra.
Victims are contacted by callers pretending to be representatives from Telstra reporting some kind of problem.
These callers may either request remote access to your computer and/or ask for credit card details in order to charge a fake support fee or fix a false payment processing issue.

What to do now

  • If you are contacted unexpectedly by someone claiming to be from Telstra and they either ask you to verify your payment details or claim that there is a problem with your internet connection – hang up. If unsure, verify their identity by contacting Telstra using the phone number printed on your bill, or use the contact details https://www.telstra.com.au.
  • If you think you have given your credit card details to a scammer, contact your bank or financial institution immediately. We also encourage you to report scams to the ACCC’s SCAMWatch (https://www.scamwatch.gov.au/report-a-scam) and ACORN (https://report.acorn.gov.au) (Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network).
  • If you think your computer’s security has been compromised, or you have given remote access to an unauthorised user, uninstall any remote access software you were asked to install, run a full scan with your anti-virus software and seek reputable technical support. Seriously consider restoring your computer from a previous back-up.
  • If you accessed any online accounts or services (such as online banking, social media or email) after giving a scammer remote access, you will need to update your credentials for these services. Log in to any services or accounts that may have been accessed – from a different, clean computer – and change your passwords. Learn more about using strong passwords.

Don’t forget AUSOM’s Main Presentation on 1st July at NewHope Baptist Church

Michael McKinnon: ‘OnLine Security’.

Meeting 3rd June

Main Presentation: The National Broadband Network

Graham Soawyer will show how easy it is to become part of the new world NBN opens up.

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New site content for May

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New Book ‘Take Control of Calendar and Reminders’

Are you familiar with Apple’s Calendar and Reminders, but feel you aren’t using them to their full potential?

This newly released Take Control book will be able to help. This new Take Control book is by veteran Mac journalist and editor Scholle McFarland.

AUSOM Members can obtain the link to enable them to take advantage of the 30% discount by visiting:
Member Forum > Notice Board > New Book ‘Take Control of Calendar and Reminders’