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FileMaker Pro SIG – About

fmp@ausom.net.au This SIG is dedicated to the operation of FileMaker Pro itself. We deal with: menu items; the basics of creating, maintaining and using files; what script steps are for; what functions are for; value lists; defining fields; operation of ScriptMaker. Attendees should bring their simple problems to this meeting on a laptop or memory stick.

Beginners SIG – About

beginners@ausom.net.au Basic Computer terminology:Bits & Bytes, Hard drives, RAM & ROM. What do they all mean? Desktop, folders and files: What is what and where? Operating System, applications, & peripherals: What are they and what do I need? We will hopefully answer these and many more questions. This is a four/ five-session course planned to

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GarageBand SIG – About

garageband@ausom.net.au The GarageBand SIG commenced in 2007 following requests by interested members, some of whom were trained musicians; others were movie makers wanting to make original soundtracks to their Movies. Some needed to develop their skills in podcasting for their careers and others were curious to explore the number of musical options made possible by GarageBand.

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Genealogy SIG – About

genealogy@ausom.net.au The Genealogy Special Interest Group combines those two wonderful pastimes of Macintosh computers and Genealogy. We look at how to both research and record your family history using your Mac. Reunion for Mac is proving to be the most popular genealogical software for Mac users and time is spent exploring the features of this

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Digital Photography SIG – About

digital-photography@ausom.net.au  The amazing world of images at your fingertips. From creation to manipulation. Got a question to ask? Then we’re available! We look forward to meeting you all, at our very exciting group! The SIG aims to cover a wide variety of topics concerning digital still photography. The target audience is the range from ‘family

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iMovie iOS/macOS – About

movie-makers@ausom.net.au TWO SIGs formed in 2017 focused on the art of making digital videos in Apple editing software. This includes iMovie for iOS and macOS, Final Cut Pro and Express and Final Cut Pro X. Emphasis will be on learning. From regular and guest presenters who will explain and demonstrate image capturing and editing techniques in

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FirstClass SIG – About

firstclass@ausom.net.au Learn how to make the most of the FirstClass online bulletin board/internet forum. Topics covered include: how to get started, how and where to post your questions & comments, where to find relevant downloads, and tips to ensure your posts elicit the help you need or contribute usefully to discussion threads. There is no itinerary

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