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Newcomers & Greenhorns SIG – About

nags@ausom.net.au Members are encouraged to discuss/ ask questions about any computer- related subject at a beginners level. While our aim is to clarify and expand on themes, we also keep the discussion as uncomplicated and non-technical as possible. Many issues raised within this group are resolved immediately, either by other members, by searching MacHelp on our

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iWork SIG – About

Email: iwork@ausom.net.au … In this SIG we mainly use the apps that are grouped under the title iWork (Pages, Keynote and Numbers) on a Mac. If requested iWork for iOS or iCloud are also considered. Many techniques apply to other apps. Hints and tips for basic use of macOS are also included.

iOSEntertainment – About

ipod–itunes@ausom.net.au   This SIG changed its name from iPod & iTunes SIG in 2017 and has a more relevant name and focus. The various flavours of iOS are covered in three of AUSOM’s SIGs — iPod/iTunes, iPhone & iPad Coach. The last two are very specific to the hardware, whereas the first one is rather more generic. In iOSEntertainment my

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