Newcomers & Greenhorns SIG – About

Members are encouraged to discuss/ ask questions about any computer- related subject at a beginners level. While our aim is to clarify and expand on themes, we also keep the discussion as uncomplicated and non-technical as possible.

Many issues raised within this group are resolved immediately, either by other members, by searching MacHelp on our computers or by using the Internet. Many solutions are quickly and easily found via the Internet and we spend some time each session exploring how to best take advantage of this resource. More difficult or technical issues are usually directed to advanced SIGs or ‘gurus’ in the club.

Since February 2012, sessions have been led by various AUSOM members on a roster basis. Members with at least moderately advanced Mac skills are welcome to volunteer to lead sessions on a regular or occasional basis by contacting Stephen by email. The plan is to have two ‘experts’ in the room at each meeting: two heads are better than one, but too many cooks spoil the broth.