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June 2018: Download PDF here

Bill Oldham:: digital-photography@ausom.net.au: The Rabbit Burrow
Snapseed Super Secrets — iOS
Brad Smith: Calling ALL Members
Take Better Photos
David Turk:: Eulogy for Dr Harry Wright
Letter to the Editor
The iPhone Chronicles – 49
A Visitor at the AGM
Ivan Radywonik:: Cozzak’s Tip #126 Documents and Desktop folders in iCloud
Keith Bishop:: Photo Opportunities: June 2018
Photo Ops available for June
Kevin Poulter:: Difficult scans — macOS
Neil Shelley:: Field Guide to Victorian Fauna
Pam Doughty:: Help, Please — Quick access to Contacts — macOS
BEFORE you Dispose of eWaste
Deleting a Page — Pages — macOS
Folders within Folders using Notes (iOS 9)
Hyperlinks – Pages – macOS
Quick Tip – macOS
Slide Over/Split Screen
What does Google know about you?
Robert Reardon:: Convert handwriting to Text — iOS
Susan Jensen:: May Raffle

May 2018: Download PDF here

AUSOM Committee: Financial Reports
Bill Oldham: The Rabbit Burrow – Adobe Spark
Why Flickr?
David Turk: Great new App for nature lovers
Siri or Google Assist —- iOS
Dick Johnson: Mail Merge in Word
George Engel: Desert Golfing
Greg Davies: Results of April Monthly Raffle
Ivan Radywonik: Cozzak’s Tip #125 – Control Centre iOS
John Sullivan: President’s Report
Judy Young: Notes from April Main Presentation – the AUSOM website
Julie Ackland: App Tap — iOS
Keith Bishop: Photo Ops available for May and June
Pam Doughty: Dispose of eWaste
Finger Print ID – iOS11
Listen to AUSOM News
Quick Tip— iOS11
The Apple Teacher Program
Uses for the fn-key
Help Please — Move through Photos – iOS
Rick Ortiz: User Group Stories: AUSOM

April 2018: Download PDF here

Alan Brown: Credit card number in Excel
Author, Ivor Pinkie: 3D Identification
Barry Fredrickson: Apple Support Options
Bill Oldham: The Rabbit Burrow
Chris McQuillen: Finder Window — macOS
Safari’s secret page-reload options—iOS
David Turk: Flying Toasters
Dick Johnson: The iPhone Chronicles – 48 – Did you know?
Greg Davies: Results of March Monthly Raffle
Isabel Collins: Disabling Pinterest
Ivan Radywonik: Cozzak’s Tip #124 – Duplicate a File or Folder
Jan Dods: Time Out
Judy Young: Notes from March Main Presentation
Julie Ackland: App Tap — iOS
Keith Bishop: A Missed Photo Op
Photo Ops available for April
Pam Doughty: Dispose of eWaste
Help, Please – using tabs in keynote
Quick Tip — macOS or iOS – combine shapes in Pages
Quick Tip— iOS11 – drafts in Mail
Set up Split View on the iPad—iOS11

March 2018: Download PDF here

Bill Ellemor: An email from Nigeria
Bill Oldham: The Rabbit Burrow
Dick Johnson: iPad Magic – 76 – Airbnb
Greg Davies: February Monthly Raffle
Ivan Radywonik: Cozzak’s Tip #123 – macOS – Apple Mail now has Split View
Judy Young: Notes from February Main Presentation — is it OK to click this?
Julie Ackland: App Tap — iOS
AUSOM Main Meeting—TimeTable
Keith Bishop: Photo Ops available for March
Pam Doughty: Accessability (AssistiveTouch) – iOS11
Close Browser Tabs —Safari — iOS
Crop a Photograph – Photos — macOS
Gladys, Slide Over and Multiple Photos—iOS
Help, Please — iOS – Screen recording
How to ‘Get Info’ on Your iCloud Devices
iOS11 — Useful New Feature – Immendiately edit a screenshot
Making Better Use of YOUR website
Photo from Portrait to Landscape iPad—iOS11
Photos and Albums — iOS
Quick Tip — macOS – Copy pathname
Quick Tip—macOS – shortcut to Preferences
Quickly locate a Draft message Mail — iOS
Remove Backup files for Obsolete Devices — macOS
Save as PDF — Two options — iOS
Ron Webster: FirstClass
Susan Jensen: The Joy of Volunteering

Feb 2018: Download PDF here

Bill Oldham: The Rabbit Burrow
Which browser should I be using?
Chris McQuillen: Drag & Drop on iOS
The new Text Zoom widget
Cynthia Langley: A Sleuth and an iPhone
Dick Johnson:  What is Wi-Fi
Doug Rutter: Website Password Reset Emails – Caution
Graham Woolley: An iPhone for Christmas
Two or More Apple IDs
Greg Davies: Meet AUSOM Inc.
Notes for ‘Meet AUSOM Inc.’
Ivan Radywonik: Cozzak’s Tip #122: Replacement iPhone batteries
Judy Young: December Main Presentation Notes
Julie Ackland: App Tap:
Keith Bishop: Photo Ops available for Feb.
Kevin Poulter: Web browsing without clutter or dubious ads
Lyndon Webb: Those Mysterious Missing Files
Susan Jensen: Extend Mobile Phone Ring
Pam Doughty: Beginner Tips 01-05
Contextual Menus
Control Centre Icons
Control iPad Screen ‘Brightness’
Delete ONLY Browsing History Safari Mac
Help, Please: Enlarging screen display during presentationa
Keyboard Shortcuts
Random Discoveries — TextEdit (Mac)
Sidebar not showing in Photos (Mac)

Dec 2017: Download PDF here

Alan Brown: Looking forward
Bill Oldham: The Rabbit Burrow
Brad Smith: Behold! The Long Awaited Day Arrives!
Waiting & waiting & waiting for the iPhone X
Dick Johnson: iPad Magic – 75: iOS 11
Isabel Collins: Christmas Ramble
The Upgrade — Part 5
Ivan Radywonik: Cozzak’s Tip #121: Consider other web browsers
Cozzak’s Corner #22: Top 10 Finder Tips
Judy Young: Notes from November Main Presentation
Julie Ackland : App Tap
Keith Bishop: Photo Ops available for December
Monty Maizels: App — uzzlement
Solution to app-uzzlement
Peter Emery: November Crossword Solution
Susan Jensen: Third Prize: AUSOM Major Raffle
Pam Doughty: Ask Siri
At iWork SIG Nov. 2017…
At Mornington Group…
Help, Please: Pages and Text Wrap
Mail Quick Tip
Predictive text on most Macs!
Rename files or folders while saving
Santa’s Lil Helper
Summarize service on MacOS
Tables in Notes

Nov 2017: Download PDF here

Bill Oldham: The Rabbit Burrow
Using the Superimpose app on your phone or tablet
Brad Smith: A Comparison of 3 Cameras …
What is Google Home?
macOS High Sierra should I upgrade?
Dick Johnson: Aliases & Filing
Isabel Collins: The Upgrade — Part 4
Ivan Radywonik: Cozzak’s Tip #120: EQ settings on an iOS device
Judy Young: October Main Presentation Notes
Julie Ackland: App Tap:
Keith Bishop: Photo Ops available for Nov.
Photo Ops almost ANY time
Garry Barker: A misspent youth continuing (so far)
Stephen Withers: Suspect links within AUSOM emails
Susan Jensen: Saving space on the drive
Second Prize: AUSOM Major Raffle
Pam Doughty: Using Tags – macOS and NOW on iOS
Check the balance credited to your Apple ID
Selecting Items – macOS
Help, Please

Oct 2017: Download PDF here

Bill Oldham: The Rabbit Burrow
Doing Less With More…
Brad Smith: Help a Buddy by Sharing his Screen
Don Patrick: Irvue
Susan Jensen: iTunes Visualiser
Dick Johnson: To OCR or not to OCR
Peter Emery: Download YouTube Videos to iOS devices
Isabel Collins: The Upgrade – Part 3
Ivan Radywonik: Cozzak’s Tip #119: Finding Items on your Mac
Judy Young: Sept. Main Presentation Notes
Julie Ackland: App Tap
Chris McQuillen: Pictatext
Keith Bishop: Photo Ops available for Oct
Pam Doughty: First Impressions – iOS11
Hints from R&O Meeting in September
New Shapes available in iWork
Three ways of Finding Document
Saving Articles from AUSOM News, Meetings etc
Help Please

Sept 2017: Download PDF here

Bill Oldham: The Rabbit Burrow
Photoshop Tips
Brad Smith: Need more space on your MacBook?
Links to find Free Graphics
Alan Brown: Working with Shapes
Dick Johnson: ChronoSync
Chris McQuillen: Silly Quizzes
Isabel Collins: The Upgrade – Part 2
Ivan Radywonik: Cozzak’s Tip #118: Remove posts from FirstClass
Judy Young: August Main Presentation Notes
Julie Ackland: App Tap
Ngaire Denne: Creating a PhotoBook
Keith Bishop: Photo Ops available for Sept.
Pam Doughty: Siri can be useful
Reader View in Safari
100 years vs 2 mins
Why use Reader View
Type or Paste Text INTO a Shape
Siri MAY save your life
Help Please

August 2017: Download PDF here

Chris McQuillen: Additional News about Security
Bill Ellemor: The File Resolution See-Saw
Bill Oldham: The Rabbit Burrow: Improve the Composition of your Photos
Dick Johnson: The New Mail Merge
Isabel Collins: The Upgrade — Part 1
Ivan Radywonik: Cozzak’s Tip #117: iOS eMail Signature
Cozzak’s Corner #13: eBay
Judy Young: Notes from July Main Presentation: Security
Dear Scammers
Julie Ackland: App Tap
iOS 11 and Passcodes
Keith Bishop: Photo Ops available for August
Photo Ops from August 2016
Pam Doughty: Spotlight and Folders
Pages and Mail using an iPad
AUSOM News Index
Live Photo – Many Questions answered
Possible Article for AUSOM News: Podcasts
Add an Image to Folders – Photos on your Mac
Suspect Links within Safari or eMails
Help, Please: Missing App Store Icon

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Wed 11 July 2018
AUSOM Retirees and Others at Balwyn

Session 1 (10 – 10.50am approx): iPad and iPhone for Grandparents
Morning tea break 10:50 – 11:10
Session 2 (11:10 – 12 noon): iPad and iPhone for Grandparents (Continued)

Sat 14 July 2018
AUSOM Main Meeting

Main Presentation: Adobe and the Mobile Revolution (11:00 am)
Other SIGs and activities as usual.

Tue 17 July 2018
"Everything Apple" at Melbourne PC User Group

Questions and discussion around macOS, iOS and anything else related to Apple products
There will be a 10 min tea break half way through and time for questions at the end.

Tue 17 July 2018
AUSOM Committee Meeting

The next meeting of AUSOM Committee will be held
5:45 pm for 6:00 pm start

Please advise items for consideration by the Sunday before the meeting date.
Items received after that date will be considered at the following monthly Committee meeting.

Email: secretary@ausom.net.au

Thu 19 July 2018
AUSOM Mornington Group

Session 1 (6:30 – 7:30pm): Upgrading/Replacing your Mac
Refreshment break 7:20 – 8:30
Session 2 (7:40 – 8:30 pm): Hands-on for iPads and Apple Macs.
Small Groups: Hands-0n for iPad and macs

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