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AUSOM News Contents

This list allows searching titles of AUSOM News articles using Mac, iPad, iPhone etc. from your web browser.
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Feb 2018: Download PDF here

Bill Oldham: The Rabbit Burrow
Which browser should I be using?
Chris McQuillen: Drag & Drop on iOS
The new Text Zoom widget
Cynthia Langley: A Sleuth and an iPhone
Dick Johnson:  What is Wi-Fi
Doug Rutter: Website Password Reset Emails – Caution
Graham Woolley: An iPhone for Christmas
Two or More Apple IDs
Greg Davies: Meet AUSOM Inc.
Notes for ‘Meet AUSOM Inc.’
Ivan Radywonik: Cozzak’s Tip #122: Replacement iPhone batteries
Judy Young: December Main Presentation Notes
Julie Ackland: App Tap:
Keith Bishop: Photo Ops available for Feb.
Kevin Poulter : Web browsing without clutter or dubious ads
Lyndon Webb : Those Mysterious Missing Files
Susan Jensen : Extend Mobile Phone Ring
Pam Doughty: Beginner Tips 01-05
Contextual Menus
Control Centre Icons
Control iPad Screen ‘Brightness’
Delete ONLY Browsing History Safari Mac
Help, Please: Enlarging screen display during presentationa
Keyboard Shortcuts
Random Discoveries — TextEdit (Mac)
Sidebar not showing in Photos (Mac)

Dec 2017: Download PDF here

Alan Brown: Looking forward
Bill Oldham: The Rabbit Burrow
Brad Smith: Behold! The Long Awaited Day Arrives!
Waiting & waiting & waiting for the iPhone X
Dick Johnson: iPad Magic – 75: iOS 11
Isabel Collins: Christmas Ramble
The Upgrade — Part 5
Ivan Radywonik: Cozzak’s Tip #121: Consider other web browsers
Cozzak’s Corner #22: Top 10 Finder Tips
Judy Young: Notes from November Main Presentation
Julie Ackland : App Tap
Keith Bishop: Photo Ops available for December
Monty Maizels: App — uzzlement
Solution to app-uzzlement
Peter Emery: November Crossword Solution
Susan Jensen: Third Prize: AUSOM Major Raffle
Pam Doughty: Ask Siri
At iWork SIG Nov. 2017…
At Mornington Group…
Help, Please: Pages and Text Wrap
Mail Quick Tip
Predictive text on most Macs!
Rename files or folders while saving
Santa’s Lil Helper
Summarize service on MacOS
Tables in Notes

Nov 2017: Download PDF here

Bill Oldham: The Rabbit Burrow
Using the Superimpose app on your phone or tablet
Brad Smith: A Comparison of 3 Cameras …
What is Google Home?
macOS High Sierra should I upgrade?
Dick Johnson: Aliases & Filing
Isabel Collins: The Upgrade — Part 4
Ivan Radywonik: Cozzak’s Tip #120: EQ settings on an iOS device
Judy Young: October Main Presentation Notes
Julie Ackland: App Tap:
Keith Bishop: Photo Ops available for Nov.
Photo Ops almost ANY time
Garry Barker: A misspent youth continuing (so far)
Stephen Withers: Suspect links within AUSOM emails
Susan Jensen: Saving space on the drive
Second Prize: AUSOM Major Raffle
Pam Doughty: Using Tags – macOS and NOW on iOS
Check the balance credited to your Apple ID
Selecting Items – macOS
Help, Please

Oct 2017: Download PDF here

Bill Oldham: The Rabbit Burrow
Doing Less With More…
Brad Smith: Help a Buddy by Sharing his Screen
Don Patrick: Irvue
Susan Jensen: iTunes Visualiser
Dick Johnson: To OCR or not to OCR
Peter Emery: Download YouTube Videos to iOS devices
Isabel Collins: The Upgrade – Part 3
Ivan Radywonik: Cozzak’s Tip #119: Finding Items on your Mac
Judy Young: Sept. Main Presentation Notes
Julie Ackland: App Tap
Chris McQuillen: Pictatext
Keith Bishop: Photo Ops available for Oct
Pam Doughty: First Impressions – iOS11
Hints from R&O Meeting in September
New Shapes available in iWork
Three ways of Finding Document
Saving Articles from AUSOM News, Meetings etc
Help Please


Sept 2017: Download PDF here

Bill Oldham: The Rabbit Burrow
Photoshop Tips
Brad Smith: Need more space on your MacBook?
Links to find Free Graphics
Alan Brown: Working with Shapes
Dick Johnson: ChronoSync
Chris McQuillen: Silly Quizzes
Isabel Collins: The Upgrade – Part 2
Ivan Radywonik: Cozzak’s Tip #118: Remove posts from FirstClass
Judy Young: August Main Presentation Notes
Julie Ackland: App Tap
Ngaire Denne: Creating a PhotoBook
Keith Bishop: Photo Ops available for Sept.
Pam Doughty: Siri can be useful
Reader View in Safari
100 years vs 2 mins
Why use Reader View
Type or Paste Text INTO a Shape
Siri MAY save your life
Help Please

August 2017: Download PDF here

Chris McQuillen: Additional News about Security
Bill Ellemor: The File Resolution See-Saw
Bill Oldham: The Rabbit Burrow: Improve the Composition of your Photos
Dick Johnson: The New Mail Merge
Isabel Collins: The Upgrade — Part 1
Ivan Radywonik: Cozzak’s Tip #117: iOS eMail Signature
Cozzak’s Corner #13: eBay
Judy Young: Notes from July Main Presentation: Security
Dear Scammers
Julie Ackland: App Tap
iOS 11 and Passcodes
Keith Bishop: Photo Ops available for August
Photo Ops from August 2016
Pam Doughty: Spotlight and Folders
Pages and Mail using an iPad
AUSOM News Index
Live Photo – Many Questions answered
Possible Article for AUSOM News: Podcasts
Add an Image to Folders – Photos on your Mac
Suspect Links within Safari or eMails
Help, Please: Missing App Store Icon

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