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AUSOM News Contents

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August 2017: Download PDF here

Chris McQuillen: Additional News about Security
Bill Ellemor: The File Resolution See-Saw
Bill Oldham: The Rabbit Burrow: Improve the Composition of your Photos
Dick Johnson: The New Mail Merge
Isabel Collins: The Upgrade — Part 1
Ivan Radywonik: Cozzak’s Tip #117: iOS eMail Signature
Cozzak’s Corner #13: eBay
Judy Young: Notes from July Main Presentation: Security
Dear Scammers
Julie Ackland: App Tap
iOS 11 and Passcodes
Keith Bishop: Photo Ops available for August
Photo Ops from August 2016
Pam Doughty: Spotlight and Folders
Pages and Mail using an iPad
AUSOM News Index
Live Photo – Many Questions answered
Possible Article for AUSOM News: Podcasts
Add an Image to Folders – Photos on your Mac
Suspect Links within Safari or eMails
Help, Please: Missing App Store Icon

July 2017: Download PDF here

Bill Oldham: The Rabbit Burrow: Distressed FX for iPad/iPhone
Brad Smith: Rechargers and Batteries
Dick Johnson: Apple Pay
Isabel Collins: Finding Stuff — in Apple Mail
Ivan Radywonik: Cozzak’s Tip #116: Move a window without making it active
Judy Young: June Main Presentation Notes: NBN
Julie Ackland: Handoff (aka Continuity)
Night Shift
App Tap: Notability, Bristol Stool chart etc
Keith Bishop: Photo Ops available for July
Neville Owen: Photos – Date & Time Fix
Pam Doughty: Safari and the Flash Plug-in
Changing Case using Pages
Early Details about ASCCA Competitions: 2017
Use the Magnifying Glass within Preview on your Mac
No TAB key on my iPad
An Assortment of Tips: Currency conversions and Calculator
Sharing URLs to Notes
WWDC: Through the Eyes of a Developer
Use the first letter…
Back-up Stickies
Reading AUSOM News in Preview on a Mac
Large Phone Numbers in Contacts on Mac
Help adding Emoji to Email and using BCC

June 2017: Download PDF here

Bill Oldham: The Rabbit Burrow: Introduction to Lightroom
Brad Smith: There’s Nothing to Worry About…Using windows
Apple AirPods — ‘Hear, AND HOW!’
Dick Johnson: Digitising Slides
Ivan Radywonik
: Cozzak’s Tip #115: Delete forward
Julie Ackland: App Tap: Vanido, NYT Cooking, DashCam, LaPSE IT, Gekko pod
iPad Coach May 17: Handoff, Location services, iCloud Photos
Keith Bishop: Photo Ops available for June
Peter Hunter: AUSOM Index 2017
Pam Doughty:
Take Control of Calendars and Reminders (Review)
Using Passwords stored within Safari
Safari Tips with iOS10
Australian Flag in Menu Bar – Mac
Duplicate Photos on iPhone and iPad
Folders within Folders using Notes (Mac)
I suddenly cannot add information to my Numbers Table
Definition and/or synonym
Quick Type or Predictive Text iOS
Replace Font(s) in Keynote (Mac)
Help Please: Rotate Videos, Picture Book in Keynote
Randy B. Singer via Apple User Group:Low-end Database Solutions for Mac

May 2017: Download PDF here

Bill Oldham: The Rabbit Burrow: Getting started with Lightroom
Brad Smith: AppCleaner – Indispensable!
Isabel Collins: Just Catching Up with TJ
Ivan Radywonik: Cozzak’s Tip #113: Search in iOS
Jason Scott: Please Help Us Track Down Apple II Collections
Judy Young: Notes from April Main Presentation: AUSOM at Sea – Bill Ellemor
Keith Bishop: Photo Ops available for May and June
Neil Cameron: Let’s Create a SlideShow
Nicholas Pyers: Hunting for old software
Dick Johnson: The iPhone Chronicles – 46: The Lock Screen
Pam Doughty: Set up your iPhone or iPad
A Useful URL to report unwanted emails
Quick Tips and Items of Interest including invisible characters in Pages, Why Backup; Clips – a new app, close other tabs in Safari
Save a Video on iPad or iPhone
Searching for Colour in Safari
Peter Emery: Should I update past iOS 10.3?
Peter Hunter: AUSOM Index 2017
Julie Ackland: App Tap: Lark, Downcast, Airbnb, WeDo
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