Summarise Text

Summarize service on macOS
Why might you use this?

  • If you have a very large document to read reducing the number of words will save you time.
    You will need to decide if it is worth missing out on the content, or
  • If you have written an article try running summarize and read the summary.
    Has the summary omitted the points you wanted to make?
    Consider altering the original to ensure your message really shines.

To use Summarize select the text you want to summarize, and then invoke the service.
This can be found by selecting Services under an App’s Menu item, or
by right-clicking (ctrl-clicking) your mouse or trackpad.



Example: within TextEdit select the text then chose TextEdit>Services>Summarize, or
right-click the selected text and click Service>Summarize.

(Tap/Click to enlarge the image and see the content)


A new window appears showing the selected text with a slider and other options below.


(Tap/Click to enlarge the image and run the animation. A tap will stop the animation).

The animation shows the text reduce and increase
Using the sentences setting nearly always give better results.


If you cannot see the Summarize service you may need to open System Preferences, and the Keyboard section.
Select Shortcuts in the toolbar, then click Services in the list on the left.
Scroll down until you find Summarize in the list.
Check the box to activate it, and Summarize will appear in the Services menu.

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