You’re the Apple without my Eye

Elise Lonsdale – Video from May AUSOM presentation

Stream it from the website:

Elise Lonsdale, living with low vision, is an Access Technologist who has worked interstate, overseas and is currently based in Melbourne. Her role is to assist people who are blind and have low vision to use their computers, smartphones and tablets with Access Technology. Many of these devices are Apple products.

Apple has built-in integrated features for people who are blind or have low vision to be able to use their devices more easily. They are specifically designed for people who are living with low vision or blind to help them identify their surrounding environment, identifying products in the pantry, identifying money and apps that enable people to read text on paper.

Elise has launched her own business called, Disability & Assistive Technology Access Australasia, ‘DATA Australasia’,

There are an estimated 14,000 people living in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs alone who have age-related low vision. Unfortunately, they have no knowledge and awareness or have not received assistance from any agencies.

 You or someone you know may benefit from hearing Elise speak!

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