Create a Printable or PDF Calendar

I quick way to create a calendar (macOS or iOS) using a template available in Numbers, exporting it as a PDF, place it into a Pages document and add an Image.

The resulting ‘page’ may be shared as a PDF.

If you need further assistance or would like to see the procedure demonstrated don’t miss the iWork SIG on 7th September.

3 thoughts on “Create a Printable or PDF Calendar

  1. I see the month of September but mystified as to how to set up the next month, in this case October, and so on to the year end.

  2. The ‘sample’ shown is the default Month and Year as supplied in the template on either a Mac or iOS.
    Within Numbers – you can change the MONTH by tapping the word September and then the tiny down-facing arrow at the top-right of the area. Similarly the year can be altered. The procedure is very similar in both macOS and iOS.

  3. Good thing you told us Pam, I would have never found that otherwise. Thank you .

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