The Secret is Out!

For more than a year a select group of AUSOM members have conducted a secret Facebook group called ‘Apple User’s Secret Society of Melbourne’ (AUSSOM) – a place where only AUSOM members can read or contribute.

The private group offers AUSOM’s Facebook users a secure environment for exploring anything Apple or AUSOM related and beyond. It is strictly AUSOM members only, fostering effective assistance within a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

Find out how to join AUSSOM by writing to and help us build an AUSOM online support community on Facebook.

Strictly AUSOM members only!

3 thoughts on “The Secret is Out!

  1. Grahme, the two are really quite different while sharing similarities as communication tools. I think the best way is to try them out. Any AUSOM member with a Facebook account is welcome to join the secret group and can opt out at any time.

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