Creativity: Your first ePub using Pages

This is the first of a series of posts designed to allow you to experiment with creating an ePub.
The images have been created using an iPad and iOS13.

Choose three or four photographs for your book that will have just three or four pages. It makes it easier to locate your photos if you put them into a new album within the Photos app.

Open Pages and tap the + to Create a New Document.

Choose the template called Story.

Tap to open and a document with 4 pages will appear.

Keep the FIRST page and tap and hold on the SECOND page and select Delete.

Then tap and hold on the LAST page and select Delete.

You can now tap and hold on the SECOND page and select Duplicate.

Do that as many times as necessary so you have one page for each photo.

Tap the FIRST page and then tap the + near the corner of the image.

Select your first photo from within Photos.

Do this for each of the other pages in your book.

If you are familiar with using Pages you can resize or crop your photos but for this first exercise that is not necessary. Just adding three or four photos is sufficient.
The ‘text’ on each of the pages can be replaced with words describing your photo or just select and delete it.

To test your ePub tap the three dots near the top of the screen and select Export.
Then select ePub.

Do not worry about making any changes to the options on the next screen just go ahead and create the ePub.

Next, you will be asked how you want to share your ePub.

For this exercise select Copy to Books and your ePub should open in Books.

You can read your first ePub within Books by tapping on the right of each page or go back to the previous page by tapping on the left.

In future posts we will experiment with other ways of including photos, videos and sound within your ePub.

If using a Mac the procedure is very similar.

To delete a page. Select it and press the delete key.
To duplicate a page. Select it and choose Edit >Duplicate Selection.
To add a photo the icon is a tiny photo rather than a + symbol.
Export is available from the File menu.

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