Fun with Memoji

Apple has added the ability to create an Animoji of yourself using the most recent iPhones and iPads This new style Animoji is called a Memoji

Creating your personal Memoji 
Firstly you have to create the Memoji and this link below demonstrates how to do this. It also specifies which iPhone and iOS versions you require for you to able to do so. You can also do this on an iPad Pro 2018 or later. This feature creates just a floating head in a black background The link demonstrates how you can send the Memoji in a message and also how it can replace your face when using FaceTime.

Creating a movie using your Memoji

The link below demonstrates how to create a video using your Memoji within the background that you are currently in. It will replace your head with the Memoji if you use the front-facing camera or it will replace someone else’s head if you are using the back-facing camera The link demonstrates how to share the video you have created and it is also possible to save the file from messages into your photos library Have fun.

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