Using Zoom? Here’s how to stay safe

The link below to improving security on Zoom provides some very useful tips and information for you to explore.

AUSOM members can also download a useful document clearly describing the steps to take when you are invited to take part in a meeting using Zoom.

2 thoughts on “Using Zoom? Here’s how to stay safe

  1. Thanks for the info so far Pam. I have downloaded and installed Zoom. Or at least I suppose I have. I can’t find it in my Applications or Utilities folders. It appears in the Dock but I want to see where it has been installed. If I remove it from the Dock for some reason where do I find it so I can drop it into the Dock again. Or do I have to get the installer package again?

    I already had Zoom installed for another online group and my user name is different to that which I will be using for AUSOM meetings. I assume I will have to change my name each time I use Zoom.

  2. Thank you Isabel,

    VERY QUICKLY. If anyone is sent an invitation to join a Zoom meeting all you need to do is CLICK THE LINK. IF you have Zoom installed it will ask if you want to open the meeting in Zoom. OTHERWISE it will ask you to download Zoom. To join the meeting you need the Meeting ID and Password.

    You will have different Meeting IDs and Passwords for each meeting you are asked to join.

    Once you join a meeting you are able to change your own name which is displayed as a Participant if necessary.

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