Turn Ennui into an Opportunity

Bored witless ? Wishing you had something/anything to do?
Turn ennui into an opportunity.

When we were children we were in the most rapid learning phase and most creative phases of our lives. As we aged, we got busy and gave away childish ways.

John Lennon said

“Life is what happens to us when we are busy doing other things”

So what about learning something new? Revisit creative pleasures of your past. Explore your latent creativity or simply clean out all the mess in your device. Things that you seldom make the time to do.

Here are some suggestions from Tap Smart:
If you want to quickly link to any of the apps suggested below look at the Tap Smart link.
The ideas below might inspire you to look further and discover more about apps you already own.


1. Clear out your camera roll with Gemini Photos: Gallery Cleaner

2. Archive your physical albums with Google Photo Scan Cleaner

3. Practise painting and sketching with Procreate 

4. Relieve stress by colouring with Pigment  

5.Learn to play an instrument with Yousiscan 

6 Make some music with GarageBand 

7. Write a screenplay or novel in Scriven

8 Craft easy origami masterpieces with Foldify 

9 Stay fit with the gym with Streaks Workout  

10. Power up your TV binge with Just Watch 

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