Zoom Quick Tip

While using Zoom the presenter or another participant may enter a URL into a Chat message.

You MAY want to access the link immediately and some versions of Zoom do make those links ‘clickable’. However, it could be equally important to keep a copy of the link for access after your meeting.

You could perform a ‘screenshot’ to keep a record of this or other information.

If you are using a Mac a more useful copy of the link can be saved by selecting the link then drag it to your Macs desktop.

A file called a webloc will appear. After your Zoom session tap or click on the webloc icon and your web browser will open the correct page for you.

Thank you to Susan Jensen for this tip.

Author: Pam Doughty

3 thoughts on “Zoom Quick Tip

  1. We learn more all the time about this very flexible software. Whilst socially distancing videoconferencing has been our saving grace. Members can remain connected. We have learnt a lot of things over the years, Zoom being the latest.

  2. following an update to Zoom the result of dragging a URL to the desktop now gives a .textclipping. One opens that and copies the text therein into the web browsers search bar.
    There are other updates planned This scenario is therefore subject to change.

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