Staying at Home Movie

Making the movie

The movie below was shot on a handheld iPhone in portrait orientation by my granddaughter.
This orientation was deliberate because of an idea I had to present the final cut of the movie.
It was shared and converted into an animated comic book in the Clips App and then shared to iOS Movie where it was edited and had music and titles added.
I chose to do this to show how it is possible to achieve an effect like this in iOS and also because most members who have an iPad or an iPhone could achieve this result.

The story behind the movie

Grandma and mum set up a municipal library and a hairdressing salon for the girls to creatively experience whilst staying at home.
This movie captured the hairdressing salon from booking in, having a braid done and paying the hairdresser.
The conversation flowed organically and allowed Amelia to talk about coronavirus just like any other topic of discussion.
It also gives a glimpse into the relationship between a grandmother and one of her granddaughters.
PLEASE share your latest memorable movie.

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