Quick Tip for users of Zoom

Are you enjoying the many, many talks and tutorial sessions available via Zoom?

One of the BIG advantages of ‘watching’ a presentation on you Mac is that it is EASY to take a ‘screenshot’ at any time.

At least one AUSOM member said how delighted she was to learn about ‘screenshots’.

NOW is the perfect time for EVERYONE to locate three keys: Command Shift and the number 3.

To take a screenshot Press those 3 keys. You may press Command and keep holding it down while you press Shift with another finger — do that with your left hand — while holding down those 2 keys press the number 3.


You will hear a ‘camera click’.

Do that as often as you like during the Zoom session.

After you finish you will find many files on your Desktop. Delete those you do not want and rename and/or file the others for later reference.

2 thoughts on “Quick Tip for users of Zoom

  1. Hi, Pam. Did not know about Command-Option-3. As you will know, Zoom offers the ability to record whole presentations. Or is that something you do not wish to encourage? I do understand there could be a problem getting everyone’s permission.


  2. The above tip is to remind users that they can quickly keep a record of important information during a Zoom meeting.

    I trust that those attending a Zoom gathering would be mindful when taking photographs or video just as they would when attending a live event.

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