Libraries offer SO much more than books…

Have you heard about ‘Creative tech Fridays’ – an initiative of the State Library.

Have a look at

When this post was created the above link would have taken you to an item about 3D printing. With 3D printers recently available at our local Aldi they have quickly moved from ‘high-tech’ to ‘every day’.

If you would like to explore this further the State Library has a video available on YouTube at

For those interested in exploring even further the software mentioned in the video is available via

This is well worth a look even if you never want to print your designs.

Many thanks to Jan Dods for sharing this information.

She writes “This might inspire some of the members who need a piece of equipment that they can no longer purchase. You can actually go to Melbourne city library and use their equipment (with instruction) if you have something that needs replacing.”

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