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Staying at home has meant that many people have found new interests. Often as a result of following links on the Internet.

Lightning has the effect of enthralling or terrifying us. This bolt appears to be striking right through a cloud. It is the result of parallax or depth of field but a great photo never the less. It is well known that a lightning strike actually strikes down to and up from the ground as a result of a varying potential difference that occurs Between the cloud and the earth.

Did you know there is a strange phenomenon that lighting can jet up above the clouds and into space

Strokes of lightning flashing down towards the ground are a familiar sight during summer thunderstorms, but scientists have captured an image of a rare lightning bolt shooting out upwards from a cloud, almost to the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere.

These bolts of upwards lightning, one type among a variety of electrical discharges now known to occur above thunderstorms, are called gigantic jets and were only first discovered in 2001.

Since then, only about 10 gigantic jets have been observed, said Steven Cummer, who was part of the team that photographed this most recent jet. Gigantic jets are essentially the same as cloud-to-ground lightning, only they go the opposite way.

“Gigantic jets are literally lightning that comes out of the thunderclouds, but instead of going down, as most lightning strokes do, these apparently find their way out the tops of thunderclouds, and then keep going and keep going and keep going until they run into something that stops them,” Cummer explained.

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