Creating Something Different

I was given many creative toys and projects that children never did anything with.

One shopping bag was full of wooden bones and no images or plans. On putting it together I found it be a pleisothaurus?

My great-granddaughter loves dinosaurs so I hot glued it together so it can suspend in her room.

The other is from a push-out DK learning book. It is the Virgin galactica space vehicle that is carried aloft in a dual wide winged craft. It has over ninety bits on 7 sheets of thick cardboard, cut very accurately with excellent pictorial instructions. Made for another great-granddaughter who loves everything about space, it has a bracket in the top centre so it can be suspended as well.

Not sure how we get them to the kids now but it was great to do something else.

The pictures of these creative ideas can be seen in AUSOM’s Creativity Challenge.

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