NEW in Pages, Numbers, Keynote…

Recent updates to Pages, Numbers and Keynote have added features of value to those wanting to produce movies or presentations using Zoom.

HINT: If you want to show a full Keynote experience on your Mac within Zoom:

  • Launch Keynote
  • From the Play menu select Play Slide Show in Window and resize your window to suit.
  • Now Share Screen within Zoom.

There is MORE. The movie below was created using Keynote on an iPad.

The ‘new’ features used are:

  • The ability to have a movie play from one slide to the next,
  • ‘Align to path’ to allow the bicycle to remain pointed in the correct direction while following a path.

If you would like further information leave a comment below.

Author: Pam Doughty

1 thought on “NEW in Pages, Numbers, Keynote…

  1. Hi Pam
    love your Animoji and the fact that video/animation is now possible in keynote for Zoom presentations

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