NEW in Pages, Numbers, Keynote…

Recent updates to Pages, Numbers and Keynote have added features of value to those wanting to produce movies or presentations using Zoom.

HINT: If you want to show a full Keynote experience on your Mac within Zoom:

  • Launch Keynote
  • From the Play menu select Play Slide Show in Window and resize your window to suit.
  • Now Share Screen within Zoom.

There is MORE. The movie below was created using Keynote on an iPad.

Other ‘new’ features in Keynote are:

  • The ability to have a movie play from one slide to the next,
  • ‘Align to path’ to allow an object to remain pointed in the correct direction while following a path.

If you would like further information leave a comment below.

2 thoughts on “NEW in Pages, Numbers, Keynote…

  1. Hi Pam
    love your Animoji and the fact that video/animation is now possible in keynote for Zoom presentations

  2. Hi Pam actually had time to login into my AUSOM account after a very long time.
    Pam you are a knowledge bank of information, just wanted to let you know I actually got a chance to read my AUSOM mag and enjoyed the article Isabel had written about your life made for an interesting read. Enjoyed your demo on ZOOM today with the Procreate App and the gorgeous little demonstration model used to show us some of the functions of the App. Thank you from Annie who is always looking for ways to keep our folk included……Take care you both and keep up the good work keeps the dreaded Alzheimer’s and Dementia diseases at bay. Cheers Annie:)

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