Give ZOOM a go

A member and SIG leader, Annie encourages AUSOM members to join the ZOOM Rocket

This is my take on the ZOOM Rocket?

Since March 2020, COVID-19 has driven the ZOOM rocket at so many variable speeds with people coming on board and not knowing how and where to start their journey, just jumping on and hoping for the best??‍♀️.

ZOOM has been the most downloaded program for many major companies, community organisations, retailers, not-for-profit organisations, schools. The list goes on and on. I think it’s awesome, but unfortunately at times very dangerous due to a lack of tech knowledge. Many, many folk simply do not have any prior knowledge to the basics with video/voice platforms and are probably, not through any fault of their own, failing the basic etiquette that should be followed on this platform, let alone the security measures.

Setting up a Free ZOOM account was a good way to work out the basics, but purchasing my own ZOOM account was the best thing I did.
I found my workplace did not have the capability nor an understanding to convey the ZOOM training. My priority was to get clients on board with as little confusion as possible, I was lucky enough to have a manager who let me work autonomously and to be able to share my learning with the staff.

I have seen and experienced the joy and angst of folk who have never seen or used a tech device of any kind embrace this new way of flying on the ZOOM rocket, skipping the basics such as Cybersecurity unfortunately??‍♀️

There is a tendency to think the person on the other side of the screen is understanding all that is said. No, not always the case ?

There is a tendency to think the person on the other side of the screen can see everything you can. No, not always the case ? ?

There is a lack of patience and empathy at times when larger groups gather on the ZOOM rocket.

There is a lack of explaining the etiquette that needs to be followed when joining a ZOOM Meeting. This could be helped by putting the details in the email that is sent out before a ZOOM Meeting, a simple copy-paste.

There is a tendency to assume everybody attending the ZOOM Meeting knows how to operate the various tabs on their screen.

There is a tendency to assume that people watching the session cannot see what is in the room behind you ????? The lighting makes all the difference ??

There is a tendency to think people cannot read what might be private information on your computer Desktop when you Screen Share ???

Even the most experienced ZOOM presenters and presentations that I have attended have accidentally had folders open on display before they commenced sharing their Keynote or PowerPoint with over one hundred people or so viewing.

For your security, your Desktop should be clear of any information, before Screen Sharing.

Others in your home should be informed about any ZOOM Meeting you are attending at home, so they do not interrupt by mistake.

To sum up my experience with the ZOOM rocket it has been AUSOM, one of the main things I do like is that I get to put names to faces and meet folk I might never have met during our SIGs at NewHope.

On the other hand, I do miss presenting to folk in a room and being able to walk up and sit down to explain in a comforting and reassuring manner how they could use their iDevice, as it can be rather difficult to try and work out the hidden issues with an iDevice unless you have it in your hands.

Interruptions from people who call out or don’t see the need to Mute their microphone or turn off the Video are part of the ‘learning ZOOM etiquette’. I teach 3 hours every day on the ZOOM rocket. It will take a while, as we know email etiquette is still not there yet, ZOOM etiquette needs to be enforced continually.

Keep safe???and mask up…….Cheers Annie??‍??

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