Holiday Games

NOTE: This post is being updated nearly every day. So far all Games mentioned are available for iOS.

At the December Retirees and Others SIG there was a great deal of interest in games.

Just a few days later AUSOM member, George Engel sent me an article with his review of two games. We both thought that rather than wait for February AUSOM News members might like to consider some of these games during the holiday season.

If members want to submit their choice for a game to be included please add a comment below or send an email to

Holiday Games by George Engel

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Further Ideas for Games you might like

Crazy Snowboard

Christmas Countdown 3D scene by AQREADD





Word Search game for Christmas






Christmas jigsaw puzzles – rated well – check out




Right now, this visual timer is free on the App Store.
Children and some older people have a hard time recognizing time passing, this App lets your enter whatever time you want, then proceeds to let the emoji icons drop down, like a Tetris thing, slower or faster, depending on your time setting. when the screen fills up, the timer alarm sounds. Let the Christmas music begin!
Delightful visual timer.
What about letting us know your picks for Christmas!

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