SummerFest 2021 – 25% off selected software until 31 July 2021

Members may be interested in these discounts for selected software titles.

Your inspiration doesn’t come from a factory. Neither does artisanal software. For a limited time, we’re all offering you a great price on great software, right at the workshop door. No ridiculous bundles, no silly gimmicks. Great software, great support, great (but sustainable) prices.

better together

Artisanal software doesn’t come from fly-by-night marketers. We work hard to make sure our tools work together, because that makes everything better. We work hard to support great new technologies and great new ideas, while avoiding buzzspeak-compliant management trends.

fine tools

These are terrific tools for thinking, writing, organizing, and delivering your ideas. Sure, you can manage with less – but why would you want to? Each of these tools is carefully crafted and maintained by a small, dedicated team with vision and determination. Each is constantly honed and improved.

take it easy

We don’t make you jump through hoops. No need to dig up your serial numbers or clip boxtops. These are all full versions with complete support and upgrade privileges. No contests or hullabaloo, no discounts too good to be true. Just great prices for great software, right at the vineyard gate. Use the coupon code SUMMERFEST2021.

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