Link Vaccination Certificate to Service Victoria app on Your iPhone

Soon everyone will need to prove their vaccination status to enter some business premises. This can be done in multiple ways. We will cover the best way for an iPhone which is to link the certificate from the Medicare Express Plus app with the Service Victoria app. This means you can prove you have checked-in and are vaccinated by scanning the QR code. Easy.


  • Must be double vaccinated to do this
  • iPhone compatible with latest apps
  • iOS 11 or later
  • MyGov account
  • Medicare service linked to MyGov account
  • Updated Medicare Express Plus app
  • Updated Service Victoria app

MyGov Account

You need to set this up and link the Medicare service. You should be able to do this on your own but may need help. My advice is to skip a step and just go straight to getting help. 

SECURITY NOTICE: Never click a link on a text message or email to go to this site.

MyGov website

Call the helpdesk on 13 23 07. Select 1.
Monday – Friday 7:00am – 10:00pm
Saturday – Sunday 10:00am – 5:00pm.

Medicare Express Plus and Service Victoria apps

Follow the links to download them or check that they are up to date. Please do this. 

Medicare Express Plus
Service Victoria

If the button says “Get” you need to tap it to download. If the button says “Update” you need to tap it to update. If it says “Open” you are good to go.

Make sure you can login to your Medicare service.

Open Medicare app and Sign-in

Open the Medicare Express Plus app and sign-in as yourself. Put in your PIN. Do not share your PIN ever.

Access Your Vaccinations

On the home page under Services tap the Proof of vaccinations service.

Read the explanation and tap View history.

Read the Immunisation history. Swipe down until you get to the bottom.

View and Add to Apple Wallet

Tap View COVID-19 digital certificate. Check out the certificate. Move the phone around to see the hologram effect.

Optionally add it to the Apple Wallet. Tap the Add to Apple Wallet button. This is just another way to carry the certificate.

Read the information and tap Accept.

Confirm by tapping Add. Click the black circle with three dots to view details.

Share Certificate with Service Victoria app

Return to the Medicare Express Plus app and return to the Immunisation History page.

Tap Share with check in app.

Next to Service Victoria tap Share. Read the information and scroll to the bottom.

Tap Accept and share.

Read the warning and tap OK.

Read the information and tap Add certificate. All done. 

Let’s take a look in Service Victoria.

First the digital certificate is shown. Note that you can remove the certificate on this screen.

Click the back arrow to go to the Certificates tab. There is a View certificate button to return to the certificate.

Click close to return to the Services home screen. Return to the Certificates tab by clicking the white button with the tick icon on it. This is new.

Let’s Do a Test Drive

What happens when you scan now?

There is no change to how it is done. You scan and it takes you to the check-in screen. There is now a Valid certificate indicator. Tap Check-in.

Here is your double tick which includes check-in and copy proof certificate. Mover your phone around to see the Victoria logo change colours. This is a security feature. You can’t screen capture the hologram. Tap done to go to the home screen.

Tap the history button (white, clock with a circular arrow) for a list and select to show again if required.

BONUS: Use Code Scanner straight from the Control Centre

Control centre can save you time as you can access it without unlocking the screen.

Open Settings > Control centre on your iPhone.

Scroll down to Code Scanner and tap the green plus to add it to control centre. This adds an icon on there that looks like a QR code.

It works the same as the Check-in on the Services app and is quicker. It passes the scanned code to the Service Victoria app. There is no need to unlock and search for the app saving time. This is fantastic when going from place to place.

Here is the pass on screen. Tap Open. Which goes straight to the check-in window like you have scanned it within the Service Victoria app. Nice.

Now you are ready to participate in the new “living with COVID” community. See you soon.

Travelling Interstate?

NSW have equivalent vaccine certificate sharing with the Service NSW app. The other states are sure to follow.

Service NSW – COVID-19 digital certificate

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