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I am delighted to welcome Chris McQuillen to our SIG meeting on Saturday to show some of the creative ways photos, videos, and recorded sound can be put together to create compelling movies.

If you thought movie-making involved months of planning and creating a script, deciding on location and cast, working out a budget and schedule, photographing and recording sound, editing and adjusting the video, and distribution then you will be surprised to learn that many of these ‘rules’ can be thrown away.

On Saturday you will see what can be achieved, have a chance you ask questions to assist your own endeavours, and go away knowing you can do this. Start as small as you like but START.

There is plenty of help on the Internet once you get going.

For Example:

A YouTube from Apple Support that will take only a few minutes of your time to watch, shows how you can create a movie from 2 or 3 photographs:

The Apple links for more about this topic:
• Add photos and videos to your iMovie project:
•. Create a new iMovie project:

I generally turn to YouTube tutorials from other Apple Teachers or Apple Distinguished Educators. If you think you cannot find the time to learn about an app think about the time available to teachers to prepare lessons and keep up with technology. This one from Matthew Pullen really does look at how to get started with iMovie, where the controls are, what different sections are for etc.\u0026t=155s

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  1. sorry. have tried for 30 mins to access link to 3pm meeting. no luck. please advise as to what mistake i am making. thanks. ddelwynne

  2. Sorry Delwynne, I saw your post too late to assist. I believe the ZOOM link for Ask AUSOM Anything shown on the downloadable PDF is correct as I used it myself for today’s meeting. Hopefully you also found it.

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