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The latest Today at Apple movie — ‘How to Make a Video Montage in Cinematic Mode on iPhone’ — is available on YouTube.

If you have missed some of these all the Today at Apple YouTubes are available at:

One of the iPhone 13’s coolest new camera features is Cinematic video mode, a way to shoot video with a shallow depth of field and real-time focus transitions for a cinema-grade output. You can then go in and change the focus points later, too.

It’s fun to experiment and Apple has a support article:
explaining how to use it.

If you have an earlier iPhone you might like to try the Focus Live app. A movie about this app is available at:

And an article at:

and yet another movie

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  1. These Apple Today links are some of the reasons why Apple continually keeps us amazed at what can be done by ordinary people!! Blown away by what can be achieved!. Heather

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