Celebrate with AUSOM

Join fellow AUSOM members and friends for a celebration lunch on Wednesday 8th February.

Commencing at 10am the Retirees and Others Group welcome Kevin Blazé with all you need to know about staying safe on the Internet and Passkeys v. Passwords.

At 12:15 pm we will celebrate at the Harp of Erin.

Members and friends are welcome to attend either or both events.

Details can be found under Upcoming Events in the right-hand column of this page.

2 thoughts on “Celebrate with AUSOM

  1. I remember Pam taking over editing Ausom News and have read every issue since. That’s a long time ago! Pam you have not only excelled at editing but as an awesome member of Ausom who always greets everyone with a smile and is ever ready to offer help & advice to those who ask. Thank you so much for your loving effort which is highly appreciated by so many of us at Ausom.
    It is an honour to know you!
    Jim Atkinson

  2. Thank you, Jim
    That is very high praise from someone who contributes a great deal to AUSOM. Some will remember that Jim was our Membership Officer and also in charge of the distribution of AUSOM News in the mid-1990s. At the same time, he had and continues to have a keen interest in AUSOM’s various bulletin boards.
    I salute the many AUSOM members who support AUSOM — especially those whose names we seldom see or hear.

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