Fill out a PDF Form

For example, The Nomination Form within AUSOM News

HINT: You might need this skill for the Nomination Form or Proxy Form in AUSOM News, published in April and May.

If you need to fill out a form in a PDF document follow the following steps:

  • Open the PDF document in Preview on your Mac and scroll to find the page containing the form.
  • From the Markup Toolbar, click the Rectangular Selection tool and drag around the outside of the form. (See 1. Below).
    (NOTE: If necessary you can double-tap to make images larger).

  • From the Edit menu select Copy. (See 2. Above).
  • From the File menu select New from Clipboard.

NOTE: If it is more convenient you can also create a new PDF by dragging the thumbnail of the required page from the PDF sidebar to the desktop.

Complete the Form

The new document will be Untitled and include the form you selected.

To fill in the form, click T in the Markup Toolbar.

The word Text will appear on the form – it is easiest to move it by pressing the up-down-left-right keys. You can change the colour, size and font by clicking in the Markup toolbar.

HINT: Keep adding TEXT until the form has been completed. It is easier to create one piece of text in the size and colour you want and then copy and paste it to create ‘placeholders’ for the other pieces of text.

To add a Signature

Click the Signature icon in the Markup toolbar (to the right of the T for text) and follow the instructions to add your signature.

If your Mac has a trackpad you can sign by drawing with your finger on the trackpad.

It is easier to click the Camera icon. Sign your name on white paper and hold it up to the camera located centre-top of your Mac screen.

Once your signature has been saved you can click to choose, resize and move it into position on your form.

Save your document (File > Save) or email etc.

Additional Information provided by Apple is ‘Fill out and sign a PDF form in Preview on Mac’

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