40 Years of AUSOM memories

Articles supplied by AUSOM Members describing their memories and experiences of AUSOM during its first forty years

Summer of 2008 — demonstration of the original Mac 128k and Imagewriter System for Apple Techs and Customers  at an Apple Store, compliments of the Store Manager. Note original 1984 Macworld cover magazine and T-Shirt.

Looking back on 40 by George Engel

Happy 40th birthday, AUSOM! Has it been that long already? You and I go back together to that time long, long ago when I was playing with my original Apple II Cassette-Load and then my early serial number Mac 128 with all of two Apple Programs… sigh. Yeah, I guess it HAS been that long. Looking back…

…Do you remember that the original Apple Laserwriter only had four Font Families that came with it; Helvetica, Times, Courier and Symbol?

…At my age, I ramble on between the past and tomorrow, with all the excitement that will bring. New inexpensive Graphics Apps, new Apple iPad mobile hardware, sharing my fun and excitement with all the AUSOM gang, that’s what keeps me thinking young.

Happy 40th birthday to all my AUSOM friends. Think young; and Play!

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Still looking back on 40 by George Engel

Looking at my last article, I somehow remembered in my feeble memory that I had saved some Apple stuff in the back of my clothes closet. The last time I looked in there, Arlene said “What is this, and why are you saving all this stuff?” My reply of “Stuff? What do you mean ‘Stuff’? This is important and…” got the eye-roll I expected and decided it’s time I looked again at what she pointed at. Holy mackerel, I still had the original Mac 128, in the original beige Apple carrying bag, and my original Imagewriter ($800 at the time) printer still in its carrying bag. A spritz of WD-40 in the ribbon cartridge allowed the printer to still legibly print. Sigh, everything worked so I did an eBay thing and sold the complete package for $750. With tears in my eyes, said goodbye and watched the UPS truck roll away. Arlene was surprised that the check cleared.

…Right now I have a giant smile on my face as I’m writing this, and have Pam and all my AUSOM readers to thank for it. You helped me to walk back to my Memory Lane, and we walked a bit together, you and I. See? It’s People helping People again. Thank you, and put a big smile on all your loved ones today!

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an Old User Group Guy looks back by George Engel

George wrote the following about the article: “It’s my thoughts of what a User Group means to me personally, having been there and seeing it from different perspectives.” Read the article and decide if you agree with George who ends with “It’s just like in the old days, a lot has changed; but nothing has changed. It still comes down to People helping People.

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