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  • Quick Tip for users of Zoom
    Are you finding the many, many talks and tutorial sessions available via Zoom? One of the BIG […]
  • Drawing for those who say they CAN’T (Updated)
    The image on this page was created in Keynote. You could use Numbers or Pages and obtain the same […]
  • CMM Bulletin 02
    Creating Memorable Movies Bulletin No 2 Designed to keep you up to date with creative activities […]
  • Creativity Bulletin 03
    At the Retirees and Others Zoom meeting in May I showed details of how to START putting together an […]
  • Let us fly free
    Just one of what I am sure will be many feel-good stories from a time when we are staying at home […]
  • Desperate or Creative? You decide
    Francis is a frequent flyer and was ticking off his bucket list of places to see before he died. He […]
  • Creativity Challenge
    Plans for AUSOM’s Creativity Challenge are underway. It is time for you to start thinking […]
  • MORE Apple – at Home
    There are now Seven (7) activities – “GarageBand made really easy!” and […]
  • Are you looking for a USB-C hub?
    Aukey USB-C hub packs a whopping 12 ports. The Aukey CB-C78 USB-C hub connects your Mac to two HDMI […]
  • AUSOM-CoM-2020-21Meet your new Committee
    Your new Committee met informally during the week to commence planning for the coming year. We […]
  • Reminder: Retirees and Others meets Wednesday via Zoom
    Join the meeting while staying at home Zoom Login details can be found here: Zoom (Website Login […]
  • Help from AUSOM
    Help is always available for you as part of your membership: Follow this link to download a PDF […]
  • Zoom version 5 is here
    The Zoom app has been updated to improve security. This update is important and does need to be […]
  • Create engaging Videos
    Clips is a free app that allows you to easily create and share fun and engaging videos all from […]
  • AUSOM Committee of Management 2020-21
    Thank you to the retiring members of Committee and congratulations to AUSOM’s Committee of […]
  • A Member’s Memorable Movie
    Jan Dods has an endearing relationship with one of her grandchildren. A grandson who is a very […]
  • Zoom using an iPad
    Apple have a support document […]
  • Creativity Activities 01 & 02
    The first two Creativity Activities (plus a possible solution to Activity 01) have been combined […]
  • COVIDSafe App and iPhones
    A compiled article about the COVIDSafe App and iPhones is available for AUSOM members here. It is […]
  • Videos made more cinematic with iPhone
    ‘Today at Apple — at home’ site displayed a new tutorial 3 or 4 days ago. It shows how […]

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