AUSOM Help Desk (Login Required)

This service is no longer active. If you are unsure who to contact you could email the AUSOM Office:

member helping member imageHelp is at hand for all AUSOM members no matter what your level of experience.

All of us are ‘beginners’ as we commence using a new application or version of the operating system — or are simply wanting to try something new with a program (app) we have used for years.

The PDF available at the link below lists names and contact details for AUSOM Members who have volunteered to help with particular apps or areas of interest. If unsure who to contact as a first step you could email the AUSOM Office:

AUSOM Inc. always advises you to have a reliable backup of your system prior to following any advice for modification. We are not liable for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential loss, or damage, or loss of business profits or revenue.

To download the PDF for future reference Control/Right-Click on the like below and select Download Linked File (using a Mac) or open it in your browser then save to Books (iBooks) or other app (using iOS).

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