GarageBand — Yes, you can!

Sound items here are original pieces of music or sounds provided by the authors of some items published in AUSOM News.

A short description is supplied here, the complete article is available in the associated issue of  AUSOM News. You can play the sound file on-line or download if you wish.

GarageBand — Yes, you can!

See article by Chris McQuillen in AUSOM News — October 2019 here.

“…starting with GarageBand on the iPad the first instrument I chose was the guitar. I persevered and ultimately produced a progression that I could at least share without embarrassment…”

Guitar Solo

1.61 MB 59 downloads

“… I explored loops, putting together combinations that, to me, sounded good together. In one exploration I realised I was creating a jazz ensemble piece…”

Swipers Gully

1.92 MB 16 downloads

“…Next, I turned to Apple Books and found “GarageBand for iPad – A Users Guide” and systematically worked through the tutorial page by page progressively and replicating the musical composition with a narrative overlay in LiveLoops…”

Apple Books Tutorial

1.81 MB 12 downloads

“…Encouraged I returned to my learning and experimentation in GarageBand. I created another piece entirely of Apple loops using Live Loops…”

Daylight Combo

1.49 MB 16 downloads

“…I have just finished a piece, I have named “Just Maybe” which uses six touch instruments to include an intro, chorus, verse and a faded-out outro…”

Just Maybe

1.49 MB 9 downloads

‘I still have not learned how to create a piece of music for a specific mood or emotion for a film but I am working on it. I have a piece in progress that has the bones in place…”

Distant Voices...

4.83 MB 11 downloads