Staying vigilant against Scams

This is a good article and a timely reminder to stay vigilant against falling prone to scams. A Victorian Police officer has revealed the human face – and full extent – of the enormous problem.

The article has input from a Victorian Crime Investigation Unit Police officer who said “These people are intelligent, and they are just ashamed and embarrassed they’ve been scammed,” Detective Faure said.

The official Scamwatch agency, run by the ACCC, has reported an 89 per cent jump in scams this year compared to the same period last year.

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February 6 meeting is now online on Zoom ONLY (not at New Hope)

Hi All

As you are no doubt aware we now have a new ‘communally transmitted’ case of the virus and it is simply too soon to tell if this is going to turn into a cluster.

Under the circumstances, CoM has determined that the risks far outweigh the rewards and we are cancelling the venue booking.

Fortunately, we are well prepared with our online format to deliver a full meeting experience.

Event details:

AUSOM Main Meeting (Zoom)


Apologies for the short notice and any inconvenience incurred.

We look forward to seeing you all on Zoom on the day 🙂


Here’s the link for the Zoom login details:

Online Zoom Meeting

A new year, a new look

Many of us are excited to put 2020 behind us and move towards a more “normal” 2021! Your AUSOM website team has been busy and have taken steps towards refreshing the look and feel and usability of our website.

You will notice that things look a bit different around here. The content is the same, but we have updated our theme to something a bit more modern, and we have tried to make things a bit easier to find.

Your thoughts and suggestions are always welcome. Get in touch with the website team.

Image courtesy of Jennifer-Ann Coffin-Grey via unsplash

Awesome Power Bank for iPhones and iPads

A limited number (40) of these AUSOM branded power banks are for sale at $30.00 each plus $10 postage (that’s less than half the recommended price of similar items at retailers).
The Big Boost power bank comes with three connector options, including a Micro-USB, USB-C and Lightning Adapter. It has a 6600 mAh charging capacity. Other features include:

  • Neat and tidy retractable cables;
  • A handy LED Torch that can be turned on and off by holding the status button;
  • High temperature shut down;
  • Short-circuit protection;
  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) protection;
  • Auto-on when device connected. Auto-standby when disconnected; and
  • Auto-adapting charge current to support a variety of devices and optimise charge time

What you get:The Big Boost power bank, Lightning and USB-C adapters, User Manual, in a Kraft Card box
How to buy: Order yours here, $40.00 including $10 postage.
Note: The Big Boost works with any iOS device that uses Lighting or USB-C (anything before the iPad 4 and iPhone 5 is excluded. It’s OK for iPads and all iPad Mini models)

Nominations for Committee 2019-2020

The following nominations have been received for your 2019-2020 Committee of Management.


John Sullivan, seconded by Angela Cumming

Vice President

Elise Lonsdale, seconded by Kellie Mitchell


Susan Jensen, seconded by David Whillas


Terry Allen, seconded by Geoffrey Wallace

Ordinary Members

Greg Davies, seconded by Angela Cumming

Peter Emery, seconded by Joe Reilly

Colette Connolly, seconded by Peter Cumming

Ros MacAllister, seconded by Pamela Seymour-Gough

David Turk, seconded by Stephen Withers