Proxy Form 2023

If you are unable to attend AUSOM’s AGM (via Zoom) please consider sending your Proxy.

A ‘fillable’ form is available which can be completed on your device and then emailed.

You should be able to click/tap and start typing to complete the form. It is also possible to use the form within AUSOM News, May 2023 by following the instructions here:

Thank you to those who have nominated for Committee for 2023

Celebrate with AUSOM

Join fellow AUSOM members and friends for a celebration lunch on Wednesday 8th February.

Commencing at 10am the Retirees and Others Group welcome Kevin Blazé with all you need to know about staying safe on the Internet and Passkeys v. Passwords.

At 12:15 pm we will celebrate at the Harp of Erin.

Members and friends are welcome to attend either or both events.

Details can be found under Upcoming Events in the right-hand column of this page.