A new TV show features AUSOM member — Monty Maizels — his inspirational appearance is very early in the show. He impresses the host by his expertise in using Zoom.

The show is “The Hundred with Andy Lee”

Andy Lee is joined in the studio by a panel of Australia’s funniest comedians and a 100 regular Aussies via Zoom to explore the fun behind the facts that make us tick as a nation.

If you missed the first episode you can watch it at 9Now.

Genealogy SIG – About

The Genealogy Special Interest Group combines those two wonderful pastimes of Macintosh computers and Genealogy. We look at how to both research and record your family history using your Mac.

Our discussions include:

  • What records are available and from where?
  • Use of the Internet in genealogical research.
  • Storage of information.
  • Charts, books etc.
  • Scanning and including photographs on the family tree
  • Entering your tree into a computer program.

Inside Time Machine

Following a very successful demonstration at the macOS Intermediate SIG in June, which included restoring files from a Time Machine backup, many members had further queries.

Notes are now available “Inside Time Machine”. These cover many of the questions raised members at the meeting.

These can be downloaded from the link below: ‎