AUSOM’s March Main Meeting

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Zoom meeting — Saturday NEXT (2nd March).

• The meeting is via ZOOM
• Videos of most sessions will be available, and
• The timetable is the same as the other Saturday ZOOM meetings.

Find more information here. If you would like one-on-one assistance please book early.

2023 AUSOM Festive Lunch

Come and celebrate with us at the
AUSOM Festive Lunch
Monday December 4th,
Blackburn Hotel, 111 Whitehorse Rd, Blackburn.
12 Noon-2.30pm (parking at rear)

Presenters: Anthony Caruana & Stephen Withers
Topic: Myths Busted! – Why what you think you know ain’t so!

RSVP – Dec Ist.
To book for AUSOM Festive Lunch, use the contact form here.
or email: