AUSOM’s March Main Meeting

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Zoom meeting — Saturday NEXT (2nd March).

• The meeting is via ZOOM
• Videos of most sessions will be available, and
• The timetable is the same as the other Saturday ZOOM meetings.

Find more information here. If you would like one-on-one assistance please book early.

AUSOM Winter Get Together

You are invited to the AUSOM Winter Get Together on Tuesday 27th June from 12 Midday.

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Celebrate with AUSOM

Join fellow AUSOM members and friends for a celebration lunch on Wednesday 8th February.

Commencing at 10am the Retirees and Others Group welcome Kevin Blazé with all you need to know about staying safe on the Internet and Passkeys v. Passwords.

At 12:15 pm we will celebrate at the Harp of Erin.

Members and friends are welcome to attend either or both events.

Details can be found under Upcoming Events in the right-hand column of this page.

February AUSOM Meeting

Wishing all a very happy 2023.

AUSOM’s first meeting will be held via Zoom on Saturday 4th February and includes SIGs PLUS a Main Presentation.

Reading ‘Committee News’ and information provided about the SIGs (Special Interest Groups) in AUSOM News before attending the meeting will help you prepare any questions you may have.

The February edition of AUSOM News is available

Visitors are also welcome — find out more about the meeting and Zoom from Quick Links on this page or follow the link here.

Saturday by Zoom

AUSOM’s Main Meeting is now ONLY online: 9:00am-4:00pm, Saturday 5th June. 
Main presentation: Cryptocurrencies and Digital Finance

Anthony Caruana will be exploring with us the fascinating new world of cryptocurrencies, NFTs and digital finance. He will share his thoughts on how traditional finance is under attack by all sorts of weird new online inventions.

Meeting Format: Due to the recently introduced COVID-19 restrictions, this will be an online meeting ONLY.

Further details