Saturday by Zoom

AUSOM’s Main Meeting is now ONLY online: 9:00am-4:00pm, Saturday 5th June. Main presentation: Cryptocurrencies and Digital Finance Anthony Caruana will be exploring with us the fascinating new world of cryptocurrencies, NFTs and digital finance. He will share his thoughts on how traditional finance is under attack by all sorts of weird new online inventions. Meeting Format: … Continue reading Saturday by Zoom

February 6 meeting is now online on Zoom ONLY (not at New Hope)

Hi All As you are no doubt aware we now have a new ‘communally transmitted’ case of the virus and it is simply too soon to tell if this is going to turn into a cluster. Under the circumstances, CoM has determined that the risks far outweigh the rewards and we are cancelling the venue … Continue reading February 6 meeting is now online on Zoom ONLY (not at New Hope)

Get More from your iPhone or iPad

AUSOM Members assist others to get more from their iPhones and iPads: • Individual one to one sessions at Saturday meetings, or • iPhone SIG at 2:30pm at Saturday meetings, or • iPad Coach SIG at 1:30pm at Saturday meetings, or • AUSOM members can obtain assistance from volunteers listed here. email: for further details

AUSOM — The way Forward

During these uncertain times, it is important to remain connected with members as we adapt to the new environment for AUSOM. We look forward to resuming normal operations, but until then, will use innovative ways using technology to support our activities. Due to the current COVID-19 circumstances, all face-to-face meetings are cancelled until further notice. … Continue reading AUSOM — The way Forward