A new TV show features AUSOM member — Monty Maizels — his inspirational appearance is very early in the show. He impresses the host by his expertise in using Zoom.

The show is “The Hundred with Andy Lee”

Andy Lee is joined in the studio by a panel of Australia’s funniest comedians and a 100 regular Aussies via Zoom to explore the fun behind the facts that make us tick as a nation.

If you missed the first episode you can watch it at 9Now.

AUSOM featured in AUG Bulletin

This month the Apple User Groups Advisory Board has added a special series to their bulletin to spotlight and share the experiences of Apple User Groups around the world.

AUSOM has been featured this month here

For further information from AUG look here

AUSOM Committee set up a FaceTime chat with Rick Ortiz (Chair, Apple User Group Advisory Board) at the March meeting at New Hope. Thanks to the Committee for organising this and members who took time from their lunch-break to take part.