Accessibility and the iPad

As we age, some accessibility issues are more common, such as vision problems. Choosing helpful features can be confusing, but a New Zealand teacher has created a PDF showcasing iPadOS features.

The information is for teachers and students, but I believe it is relevant for anybody.

Log in using your Apple ID to download the ‘Overview’ PDF near the foot of the page. Each QR code shown is a link to a short video (one or two minutes) explaining the feature.

For Apple’s documentation regarding getting started with accessibility features on your iPad, see:

Repurpose your Device for Entertainment

I have a suggestion for the AUSOM Community this Holiday Season. I have almost finished writing a series of articles for our Newsletter. 

All of the articles are on the Mom and Pop developer team of Boy Howdy Technologies. They’re mind-stimulating and fun games for the young and young-at-heart, ranging from Card games, matching games and even crossword puzzles. They push you to think creatively to succeed, but have fun doing so.

Some of these items will be in AUSOM News, February 2023 but you can also look at all the games by searching  Boy Howdy Technologies.

Why not Repurpose those old iPads or iPhones and load them up with these fun thinking games, plus Apple’s suite of school Apps?

What a treat that could be, keeping those youngsters and oldsters happy. 

A gift like this for older people or those sick in Hospitals would help while away the hours. 

—George Engel


About 2 weeks ago Apple launched Freeform and described it as a powerful new app designed for creative brainstorming and collaboration.

Freeform is available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac and requires the latest versions of the operating systems.

If you have not yet had a look at it a good place to start would be with the many, many videos available on YouTube.

Please share your thoughts by adding comments below.

If there is sufficient interest this app could be discussed at the Creativity SIG in February 2023.

Creative Holiday Activity

If you have time over the holidays to become familiar with Procreate for your iPad and Apple Pencil* a good place to start is with the Beginner Videos at The videos are available on YouTube however I suggest you follow the above link as it has the videos and PDF files that can be downloaded and followed at any time without an internet connection. This is part of ProcreateEducation and if you explore the Site you will see mention of the phrases such as ‘classroom’, ‘lessons’, and ’students’. Don’t worry the content is applicable to all of us.

If you want the Procreate Handbook it is available at:

* An Apple Pencil (or substitute) is not essential but does add to the Procreate experience. It gives access to brushes that respond to the pressure and tilt of the pencil. Having said that digital artists used Procreate for 3 or 4 years before the Apple Pencil was available. Procreate wasn’t born in the heart of Silicon Valley, but in Old Beach, Tasmania. The company remains in Tasmania and one of the brushes is named Old Beach.