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Final Cut Pro/Express – About

final-cut@ausom.net.au  TWO SIGs formed in 2017 focused on the art of making digital videos in Apple editing software. This includes iMovie for iOS and macOS, Final Cut Pro and Express and Final Cut Pro X. Emphasis will be hands on learning. Regular and guest presenters will explain and demonstrate image capturing and editing techniques. Participants will

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Finder Fundamentals – About

finder-fundamentals@ausom.net.au Finder Fundamentals operates within a semi-structured format to demystify the Finder through familiarity with its tools, customisation of preferences and settings, unlocking hidden features and avoiding unproductive patterns of use.

Newcomers & Greenhorns SIG – About

nags@ausom.net.au Members are encouraged to discuss/ ask questions about any computer- related subject at a beginners level. While our aim is to clarify and expand on themes, we also keep the discussion as uncomplicated and non-technical as possible. Many issues raised within this group are resolved immediately, either by other members, by searching MacHelp on our

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iWork SIG – About

Email: iwork@ausom.net.au … In this SIG we mainly use the apps that are grouped under the title iWork (Pages, Keynote and Numbers) on a Mac. If requested iWork for iOS or iCloud are also considered. Many techniques apply to other apps. Hints and tips for basic use of macOS are also included.

iOSEntertainment – About

ipod–itunes@ausom.net.au   This SIG changed its name from iPod & iTunes SIG in 2017 and has a more relevant name and focus. The various flavours of iOS are covered in three of AUSOM’s SIGs — iPod/iTunes, iPhone & iPad Coach. The last two are very specific to the hardware, whereas the first one is rather more generic. In iOSEntertainment my

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