Creativity Challenge

What Does The Challenge Involve?

We invite you to share anything that you do or have made or created that provides you with a sense of achievement or pride.

There are No Rules

There are no rules or boundaries other than self-imposed and copyright compliance and approval of others where necessary.

Your contributions may involve photographs, videos, writing, audio recording, musical compositions, a podcast or ePub or any other method that achieves the end result.

Where To Send Your Contributions

Send them to either of these two email addresses – Pam Doughty – Chris McQuillen


Will be posted on this page. Please encourage our members who have submitted their ideas by adding a comment below. Each ‘challenge’ has a number if you want to identify them within your words of praise.

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Creativity Challenge Submission #01

I made cameras for the great-granddaughters. They love them and took hundreds of photos with them on the first day.

These are made the same way as an idea in a post on AUSOM’s website except I glued wrapping paper to the parts before I heat glued them together. I also made a smaller lens.















Out enjoying the rebuild of the culvert in the nearby creek.



Creativity Challenge Submission #02






No technical or mechanical devices of any sort – pure simple knitting for the whole family


Creativity Challenge Submission #03





A photograph became a work of art with the skills of the software developer AND the iPad owner.




Creativity Challenge Submission #04

A Pie and a Hair Cut, two bits.

Creativity Challenge Submission #05

Sou Trav Report 2019

A very different pictorial way to present a “Trip Report” to your club or organisation.


Creativity Challenge Submission #06


Download ‘Enchanted Forest’ here.

An ePub illustrating a fascinating trip and
preserving memories for others to enjoy.



Creativity Challenge Submission #07





Hand sewn hexagons, that finally
became something more than
just small scraps of
beautiful Japanese fabric.


Creativity Challenge Submission #08




Click here to enjoy —>  A Parrot Story







Creativity Challenge Submission #09

On Being Monty.

Creativity Challenge Submission #10

Something different for my great-granddaughters.


See further details here.



Creativity Challenge Submission #11

This is an animation I created a while ago titled, ‘Oasis’.

Also an article about creating the animation, ‘Have Music Will Travel’. It shows how one can still travel abroad despite the current pandemic restrictions.

OASIS – Have Music Will Travel

Creativity Challenge Submission #12

Our daughter sent me this photo of her grandchildren having lunch under a swimming whale. One of them is holding up a toy fish for the whale.

This is her story
“There were plastic container lids in the drying rack on the sink under the kitchen window catching the sunlight. They made a blob on the ceiling. One of the girls asked me where it was coming from. When I started moving the lids (4 of them) around I realised I could make pictures.
“I made fish and a stingray and then the whale appeared.
“After lunch, the girls played outside for about 1 1/2 hours. When they came back in they wanted to know where their whale had gone.”




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