FirstClass Status

FirstClass is available.

The Web-based interface is available via FirstClass Web Login.

FirstClass Web Login

Click here for the web login FirstClass Web Login

What is FirstClass?

FirstClass is a discussion and file exchange forum that gives you access to share the resources of AUSOM. It is available as an application for your Mac and as an App for your iPhone or iPad. You can also access FirstClass via a web browser, and there is also software available for PC.

Computer Topic and Problem-Solving

FirstClass’s open discussion forums encompass the full spectrum of Mac computer use — computer and peripherals purchase and setup, software installation and use, Mac operating systems, networking, maintenance, and troubleshooting of both the equipment and its software. All popular equipment and software are discussed by beginners and experts alike. Their experience is available to you for the asking.

Special Interests

Other open forums discuss such topics as desktop publishing, genealogy, the Internet, finance and investment, graphics, digital movies and photography, music, hardware and peripherals, networking and telephony, web development, Filemaker, and many other topics that involve the use of Mac computers. New messages are posted every day by both professional and amateur users. You’ll be amazed at the amount of information that is present and freely available to subscribers to AUSOM FirstClass.

Private messaging and email

Private messages can be posted to friends and other Mac users on FirstClass, and you can also exchange mail with external (i.e. Internet) addresses anywhere in the world. Checking your email is as simple as double-clicking on your FirstClass desktop mailbox. Further, you can access your FirstClass mailbox from anywhere in the world, even if the FirstClass software is not installed on that computer. Simply use the alternative Web-based interface, via FirstClass Web Login.

Getting Started with FirstClass

 To use AUSOM FirstClass you first need to be an AUSOM member or a member of an affiliated User Group. There is an additional FirstClass annual subscription fee of $35, after which you can register on the FirstClass system (see below). 

It is possible to try FirstClass as a Trial Account. See Trial Account below.

 If you’re already a registered FirstClass subscriber and would like to log onto the system directly from your Web browser, via FirstClass Web Login.

 If you’d like to download the Client software that enables you to use the FirstClass system independently of your Web browser, click the Software Downloads in the menu above. Also download the Setup Instructions (the second item listed on the Download page) which explains how to register.

 If you’d like to use FirstClass from your iPhone or iPad, first register using the regular FirstClass Client software, then download the FirstClass Mobile Client from the iTunes App Store and set it up using the instructions on our Software Downloads in the menu above.

Trial Accounts

 AUSOM members and members of an affiliated User Group may try FirstClass without making any payment. You do this by following the ‘Registering to use FirstClass’ instructions below, and specifying Trial Account in the Comment box of the Autoregistration Form. This form is part of the Client Software Download and is included in the separately downloadable setup instructions.

Registering to use FirstClass

 If you’ve paid your FirstClass subscription or have opted for a Trial Account but haven’t yet registered on the system, download the Client software appropriate to your system, by visiting and also the Setup Instructions which explains how to register. If you need further help contact one of the people listed on Page 7 of the setup Instructions document.
Please note that after registering a FirstClass account you will have limited access at first. Authorisation and provision of full access to FirstClass may take up to seven days.

Alternatives for accessing FirstClass

Using the easily-installed FirstClass Client software, you can access AUSOM First Class via any Internet connection. 

Away from home, you can access it via any Web browser (via FirstClass Web Login)

If you have an iPad or iPhone you can, once you’ve registered using the desktop Client, download the Mobile Client from the iTunes App Store.

There’s even a Windows version of the Client software if, for instance, you use a Windows PC at work. 

To download a version of the FirstClass Client software appropriate to your needs, and/or setup instructions FirstClass Software Downloads & Instructions