Staying vigilant against Scams

This is a good article and a timely reminder to stay vigilant against falling prone to scams. A Victorian Police officer has revealed the human face – and full extent – of the enormous problem.

The article has input from a Victorian Crime Investigation Unit Police officer who said “These people are intelligent, and they are just ashamed and embarrassed they’ve been scammed,” Detective Faure said.

The official Scamwatch agency, run by the ACCC, has reported an 89 per cent jump in scams this year compared to the same period last year.

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Link Vaccination Certificate to Service Victoria app on Your iPhone

Soon everyone will need to prove their vaccination status to enter some business premises. This can be done in multiple ways. We will cover the best way for an iPhone which is to link the certificate from the Medicare Express Plus app with the Service Victoria app. This means you can prove you have checked-in and are vaccinated by scanning the QR code. Easy.

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Universal Word Count

Sometimes when we write we need to know how many words or characters we are writing. There might be word limits on an assignment submission or we just want to control the size of what is being written. Some software have a word count tool. Some software doesn’t. This universal word count can be used in TextEdit and Notes or anywhere that text can be selected.

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