‘Photos’ SIG – About

NOTE: This SIG is currently NOT meeting


A new special interest group for 2022, the AUSOM “Photos SIG”, will introduce and master the Apple application, “Photos”.

“Photos” comes built-in to all Macs, iPads and iPhones. Whilst we will be concentrating on the desktop version, hints & tips for the iPad & iPhone run parallel much of the time.

In a breakthrough for our SIG, we’re going to spend half our ZOOM time showing novices the joys of “Photos”, and the second half of our ZOOM time working with the more experienced “Photos” users.

Of course, everyone is welcome to attend the entire SIG! See the website or AUSOM News for login details.

Monthly on ZOOM at our main meetings at 11am in Room 4. See you there!

Web Intermediate — Web research

NOTE: This SIG is not currently meeting

Presented by Graeme Bryan
Main meeting, Sat 5 February 2022
Room 4 at 2.30pm

Most of us use the internet to do research on all sorts of things. Some efforts come quickly and sometimes it takes a lot longer. Why is that? Can we improve our skills? This month’s Web Intermediate presentation will explore this. We will have a look at research to help with technology issues. And we will have a look at COVID research. Fun indeed.

ASCCA 24th Annual Technology Conference video

The conference video has been published here:

There is a “show more” link as part of the video’s description. It includes a breakdown of each session so you can jump to the session you want to see at any time.

For Example: Go to this link and tap/click play. 6:01:51 ASCCA Board Member and Competitions Co-ordinator Susan Jensen takes us though the entries and winners and ASCCA’s hugely popular annual photography, creative writing and other competitions.

Notes from November Creativity SIG

At the November SIG meeting members shared things they have recently tried to improve their digital life.

One discovery was using quartz filters within the Preview app to reduce the file size of a PDF.
Further details are available via the internet. Search for ‘add quartz filters to Preview using ColorSync utility’. There was also an article on page 33 of AUSOM News, March 2022 (with a follow-up article in April). In addition, there is a MacMost video at https://macmost.com/compress-pdfs-on-your-mac-with-preview-or-an-automator-quick-action.html

Members then shared ideas about ways to manage Keynote on their Mac while viewing their presenter notes (using Zoom).

Other topics covered were removing the background from images in iOS16, and using and creating QR codes.

A video of the session is available at https://ausom.net.au/video/

Creative Photo Display

At the Creativity SIG in September 2022 discussion centred around CREATIVE ways of taking photos. See AUSOM News, Sept 2022, page 29

Members were encouraged to enter their Creative photos into the ASCCA Digital Photo competition — see details AUSOM News, Sept 2022, page 20.

Finally, we looked at creative ways photos might be displayed. There is a PDF available showing the many display examples.

Vale Steve Cooper

It was with much sadness that we learnt of the death of Steve Cooper — one of AUSOM’s Life Members.

Tributes will be published in the next edition of AUSOM News and I invite anyone who knew Steve to provide two or three sentences if they would like to do so.

Please send by email to editor@ausom.net.au in the next few days if possible.

Pam Doughty (Editor, AUSOM News)

Cards in Pages

At the Creativity SIG in August 2022, we will look at using the Pages app to create cards. Commencing with using the templates available with Pages.

If you would like the Pages document we created it is available here:

If you would like to experiment further with the topics covered during the SIG I have provided an archive of 5 Sample files.

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Beginners Series – Procreate

Procreate has introduced new Beginners Series for those starting out with Procreate and the iPad.

An excellent place to start exploring art and animation using an iPad and Apple Pencil. Getting started with anything new is challenging, but this step-by-step walk-through makes learning easy and fun.

It is currently a free four-part video series. I have just completed working through the 2nd video and have enjoyed learning something new at each step. If you follow along while shown the various steps involved, completing the four lessons will leave you with three unique artworks and one animation you will be proud to show to your friends.

The Beginners Series resources were made available for download on July 25 on Procreate’s website (https://education.procreate.art/beginners-series) and viewable at Procreate’s YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/Procreate).

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