AUSOM News on an iPad

Do you find the text within AUSOM News too small on your iPad? Reading it within Safari or if you are reading it within the Books app you will initially be faced with a full page with text that may be too small.

One way of enlarging the area within most of the 2-column articles is to double-tap on the area you would like to expand.

In the image above double-tap in the area circled results in the image below.

A double-tap on the ‘expanded’ screen will take you back to a full-page view.

If the double-tap method does not work you may need to place two fingers on the screen near each other. Spread them apart to zoom in, or move them toward each other to zoom out.

AUSOM News – October 2016

AUSOM News this month…

one-on-oneA quick refresher on the One-One tutoring service that AUSOM provides at each main meeting held at NewHope.
Inspired by the Apple One to One service (available ONLY on purchasing a new Mac), we offer access to our mentors as part of your membership, and you don’t even have to buy anything to qualify!

Read all about it in AUSOM News, October edition.

Are you aware that your iPad can read text for you? It is as simple as asking Siri to “Speak Screen”.

Read about this and ways for your Mac to speak to you in this month’s AUSOM News.


ios-9or10-updateIs it time to update? Have you missed any iOS9 updates?

Read More!




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