Creativity Challenge

AUSOM’s Creativity Challenge is underway – there are now 7 submissions for your enjoyment.

Some of the creative activities undertaken while AUSOM members have been staying at home are now available for your enjoyment. Can anything be more creative than bending paper clips?

The challenge officially runs until July 31st 2020

Further details:


OR eMail: – Pam Doughty – Chris McQuillen


Create engaging Videos

Clips is a free app that allows you to easily create and share fun and engaging videos all from within your iPad or iPhone.

‘Create Engaging Videos with Clips’ is available at

The video demonstrates how it can be done in an educational environment but it is not limited to young learners. Watch and imagine how you could use Clips to tell and share a story that is special to you.

A Member’s Memorable Movie

Jan Dods has an endearing relationship with one of her grandchildren. A grandson who is a very active risk-taker, and with whom she has spent years trying to shape, modify and encourage. Jan recognises his talents. But the family laughingly says you look after him, “He is just a naughty boy”.

Jan made a movie that captures his talent and the fondness that Jan has for this now, not so little, survivor.

Videos made more cinematic with iPhone

‘Today at Apple — at home’ site displayed a new tutorial 3 or 4 days ago.

It shows how a few simple tricks and techniques can add that big-screen feeling to your iPhone videos.

The presenter is using an iPhone 11 with the three lenses but apart from his reference to the really wide lens other parts of his presentation apply to all the recent dual-lens iPhones.