Manual Camera Setting Activity

This activity was proposed by Chris who asks: Can you select the most appropriate camera settings to solve a group of photographic challenges? He lists the challenges with photographs PLUS a selection of camera settings. The challenge is to match the photographs with the settings that the photographer used.

Full details for this activity are available here.

Chris McQuillen at 


Staying at Home Movie

Making the movie

The movie below was shot on a handheld iPhone in portrait orientation by my granddaughter.
This orientation was deliberate because of an idea I had to present the final cut of the movie.
It was shared and converted into an animated comic book in the Clips App and then shared to iOS Movie where it was edited and had music and titles added.
I chose to do this to show how it is possible to achieve an effect like this in iOS and also because most members who have an iPad or an iPhone could achieve this result.

The story behind the movie

Grandma and mum set up a municipal library and a hairdressing salon for the girls to creatively experience whilst staying at home.
This movie captured the hairdressing salon from booking in, having a braid done and paying the hairdresser.
The conversation flowed organically and allowed Amelia to talk about coronavirus just like any other topic of discussion.
It also gives a glimpse into the relationship between a grandmother and one of her granddaughters.
PLEASE share your latest memorable movie.

Animation FUN

In AUSOM News (March 2020) Judy Young wrote ‘Let’s Get Animated’.

She told us not to panic as we didn’t need to leap out of our seats and jump up and down. Judy’s little characters can do the jumping for us.

Judy has 6 animations available on YouTube at

Although it takes time, patience and attention to detail to create even one or two-minutes of an animated movie the process is FUN!

Sharing Memorable Movies

WANTED: your memorable movies creations to post in the Creating Memorable Movies area of this website.

Please send me a link, if you are skilled in posting them to YouTube, and I will have the link included in this area.

I have added links to YouTube tutorials showing you how to do this from your Mac or IPad/iPhone.

Mac link

iPad iPhone Link

How to Create a YouTube account and channel link

I want your ideas and contributions so I can have the website cater to meet your needs.

Chris McQuillen: eMail

Member’s Memorable Movie

Ollie Gurrie at the age of 13 has ambitions to work as a film actor. As part of demonstrating his skills a “Show Reel” was written, directed and produced by his Grand Father Tim Gurrie who runs a film production business called CraftyClips. The film called “Brotherly Games ” illustrates the extent to which brothers will go when there is only one video controller. Ollie Gurrie stars in the film and is supported by his cousin Jack Gurrie.

Ollie, Jack and Tim Gurrie have given permission for the location of the film be made available here for your enjoyment.

Fun with Memoji

Apple has added the ability to create an Animoji of yourself using the most recent iPhones and iPads This new style Animoji is called a Memoji

Creating your personal Memoji 
Firstly you have to create the Memoji and this link below demonstrates how to do this. It also specifies which iPhone and iOS versions you require for you to able to do so. You can also do this on an iPad Pro 2018 or later. This feature creates just a floating head in a black background The link demonstrates how you can send the Memoji in a message and also how it can replace your face when using FaceTime.

Creating a movie using your Memoji

The link below demonstrates how to create a video using your Memoji within the background that you are currently in. It will replace your head with the Memoji if you use the front-facing camera or it will replace someone else’s head if you are using the back-facing camera The link demonstrates how to share the video you have created and it is also possible to save the file from messages into your photos library Have fun.