Templates from December Meetings

If you want the templates used at the December meetings of R&O and Digital Photography they are available here

NOTE: You meed to login as an AUSOM member to download the templates.

These files should be able to be opened with Pages if you are working on either a Mac or iPad.

If you want to use the files with Pages on iCloud you will need to remove  .template from each file and replace with .pages.

Holiday Creativity

Do you want to use your photographs to create animated greetings for family and friends?

Perhaps you would rather create a bright personalised message to send by email?

Various techniques will be shared at Creativity SIG and Digital Photography SIG (Sat 5th Dec 2020) and R&O SIG (Wed. 9th Dec 2020).

For example:



1. You might quickly add a frame or border to a photograph using Markup. This can be achieved on your Mac or iPad.





2. Animated GIFs or Movies
can be quickly created in Keynote.






3. The movie below shows step by step creating an animated image in Keynote — the iPad was used below however the process is very similar on the Mac.

4. The next Movie shows an animated GIF created for your holiday message using Keynote on the iPad

5. For a bright, colourful and personalised greeting the iPadOS14 version of Notes just needs the addition of your imagination

If you need further assistance email Pam Doughty: creativity@ausom.net.au