AUSOM News on an iPad

Do you find the text within AUSOM News too small on your iPad? Reading it within Safari or if you are reading it within the Books app you will initially be faced with a full page with text that may be too small.

One way of enlarging the area within most of the 2-column articles is to double-tap on the area you would like to expand.

In the image above double-tap in the area circled results in the image below.

A double-tap on the ‘expanded’ screen will take you back to a full-page view.

If the double-tap method does not work you may need to place two fingers on the screen near each other. Spread them apart to zoom in, or move them toward each other to zoom out.

A recommended app

Here is a great service linked to your library card. Free and no advertisements. The app is available for your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.
Might have something of interest to everyone. One of AUSOM’s members has two nieces who use the app and one of them works for the State Library.
Read all about it on the App Store at
Here is another app that might be of interest. It gives you the ability to read newspaper and magazines free of charge.
Again through your library cards. Check the website of the library of your choice to see if they support the service.See it on the App Store at

Creative use for your Photos

An AUSOM member wrote the following after reading the article — ‘Using the iPad app Distressed FX‘ — by Bill Oldham in AUSOM News, June 2020 (here).

“I watched three Youtube tutorials on Distressed FX. Two by the creator.

“I really like the fact that it is more about creating an artwork from your photographs. It is not about manipulating a photo to correct, enhance or fabricate a new reality. It is pure creativity in producing a piece of artwork. There are no rules or paradigms.”

Save or Print from a Website (Mac or iOS)

Do you want to PRINT or SAVE information from AUSOM’s website?

You can save information from a website to read while not connected to the Internet.

Using a Mac click somewhere within the area you want to save then access File>Print and from the next dialogue select the PDF button near the lower left of the screen. You can then save the information as a PDF.

If using an iPad access the SHARE icon and select Print. Do not worry – you are not actually going to print the information. To encourage your iPad to create a PDF put your fingers on the screen and ‘Pinch Out’ or ‘Pinch Open’ — the action you use to Zoom In. Another SHARE icon will be available and you can save your PDF to the Books app.

Creative Use for old ‘Technology’

If you kept your older iPhone or iPad, think about using it to free-up storage on your current device.

Add your recipes and keep the device charged in your kitchen;

Keep your favourite photos on it to show friends. Safer than handing over your phone!

Keep your music collection on it.

Do you have a better idea? How do you keep your device away from spills near your kitchen bench? Add a comment below.

Screenshot iOS 13/iPad OS

With iOS 13 and iPadOS you can take a screenshot and immediately begin marking it up with Apple Pencil by swiping up from the bottom-left corner of the screen.

If you don’t have an Apple Pencil, to mark up a screenshot right after you take it, tap the thumbnail that appears in the bottom-left corner of the screen.

When using Markup swipe down near the top of the toolbar to minimise it as shown in these images. To show the full toolbar again, tap the minimized version.

For further detail see AUSOM News, February 2020 here.