Magnifier in Preview (macOS)

While reading AUSOM News on your Mac you might need to quickly magnify part of the screen.

Move your cursor to the paragraph you want to read and either choose “Show Magnifier” from the Tools menu, or simply press the ` (backtick) key.




You can move the magnified area or press the backtick key again to hide the magnifier.


This is not only useful for reading PDF documents.

You might like to try this when looking at one of your photographs within Preview. 

Read even more in the July edition of AUSOM News available here.

Using Pages macOS

A reminder to those who use Pages on their Mac.
Pages has its own settings for things like ‘check spelling’ and the use of ‘smart quotes’ and ‘text replacement’.
These setting can be found under the Edit Menu in Pages.

What is important to note is the settings may override or add to settings you might believe you have within the Mac System Preferences.


Save or Print from a Website (Mac or iOS)

Do you want to PRINT or SAVE information from AUSOM’s website?

You can save information from a website to read while not connected to the Internet.

Using a Mac click somewhere within the area you want to save then access File>Print and from the next dialogue select the PDF button near the lower left of the screen. You can then save the information as a PDF.

If using an iPad access the SHARE icon and select Print. Do not worry – you are not actually going to print the information. To encourage your iPad to create a PDF put your fingers on the screen and ‘Pinch Out’ or ‘Pinch Open’ — the action you use to Zoom In. Another SHARE icon will be available and you can save your PDF to the Books app.

Replace Text macOS Keynote…

For those using Pages, Numbers or Keynote current
versions have made it a little tricky to locate ‘Find and

Under the Edit menu FIND is available however there is
no option for FIND & REPLACE.

Once you have selected FIND (or pressed Cmd+F) you will be shown:

To locate the REPLACE look at the additional options:

For further detail see AUSOM News, December 2019 here.